Kimberley in the City is a place to share my experiences on what I believe to be the essentials in life: Food and Travel.

For me, there is no better education than travel. And it’s something that we should do as much of as we can. I also believe that the world is best explored through taste. Food can incorporate different beliefs and cultures, all in one bite. Travelling and eating are great ways to understand different countries and its people.

My goal is to never let my age exceed the number of countries I have visited, and to keep exploring the world one bite at a time.

Get in touch! E-mail kllaing@hotmail.co.uk

Kimberley in the City will feature a mixture of posts, including: sponsored, product gifting incentive, affiliate incentive or no incentive. If there is an incentive, this will be mentioned in the post itself. All posts are true from a personal perspective, and to the best of knowledge, all data is correct at the time of publication.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kimberley! Thanks for following me back.. OMG! I love the place where you live it’s like my favorite city (though I haven’t set foot there yet). Hoping to read more from you soon… cheers to wanderlust!


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