Six by Kimbo: a Homemade Tasting Menu

Like many others I used my time in lockdown to do more home cooking and try new meals. With nothing but time on my hands I decided to try and re-create one of my favourite dining experiences – Six by Nico. Unlike the creative minds at Nico, my menu was a collaboration of all of my favourites rather than an actual theme. My cooking style is me trying to use a small selection of ingredients with limited waste, so I’m a big fan of playing around with recipes to suit what you have.

Course One: Buffalo Chicken Bites

Drink: Corona

There are few things better than buffalo chicken wings with a cold beer in a chilled, yet atmospheric bar. My first course was chicken chunks that I coated in egg then a mix of breadcrumbs, crushed Doritos, everything bagel seasoning and chilli & garlic salt. These were baked in the oven before placing in a pot with buffalo sauce to coat the chicken and heat the sauce. I served these on a bed of sliced spinach and a blue cheese dip. For the dip I mixed blue cheese from Spry Wines with some crème fraiche.

Course Two: Noodless Chicken Ramen

Drink: Tiger

Mexican and Asian are my favourite cuisines. I just think there’s so much flavour in them! I decided to make course number 2 a super light one with a noodleless ramen, so essentially a broth. I had some chicken broth in the freezer from a previous roast chicken dinner, so I boiled that up with some chilli and spring onion and added some chicken that I baked in the oven with salt and pepper.

Course Three: Fish Taco

Drink: Margarita

There’s no way I could do a tasting menu and not include my all-time favourite – fish tacos. I lightly toasted corn tortillas before spreading the base with crème fraiche and adding a salsa of chopped tomatoes, red onion, coriander, lime juice, salt and a little sugar. For the fish, I breaded cod, which I pan fried and added to my tortilla before drizzling with chipotle mayo.

Course Four: Steak Frites

Drink: Argentinian Malbec

I was actually really pleased with how this course turned out. I split a fillet steak in half and seasoned with oil and lots of salt and pepper. Before adding to the pan, I thinly chopped potatoes and roasted in the oven. When the potatoes were almost ready, I mixed crème fraiche and mustard in a pot on a low heat and once it was blended, I layered it through the potatoes. The potatoes went back into the oven for a few minutes whilst I cooked the steaks.

Course Five: Cheese Selection

Drink: Argentinian Malbec/Sauvignon Blanc

I love a cheese course and quite often prefer it to a dessert, but my preference is to have both! I literally just raided my fridge and created a mini cheese board with olives and relish.

Course Six: Peanut Butter Cups

Drink: Argentinian Malbec/Sauvignon Blanc

It’s so easy to make your own peanut butter cups. Because I use natural peanut butter it has an oily consistency, so I just melt dark chocolate, spread the base of a cupcake case with the chocolate, add a teaspoon of peanut butter to the middle and cover with more melted chocolate. These are something I quite often have in my fridge, so I added one to a scoop of ice cream for my final course.

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