Home by Nico, Edinburgh

I’ve been a huge supporter of Six by Nico since it opened in 2017, so I was thrilled to be able to continue to support them throughout this terrible time. They’re creating 4 course meals with a different theme each week and I found that the order process was nice and simple. It’s done through www.homebynico.bigcartel.com and there’s the option of 2 or 4 people for each of their locations. Once you’ve ordered you will be told which day you can collect (either Friday or Saturday) and between what time. When collecting, all social distancing rules were followed, and the team were really friendly.

The menu that we signed up to was ‘Indian Street Food’, so we stored our dishes away until Sunday evening for a hungover Indian takeaway (there are storing instructions included on the information card). I looked over the menu and instructions in advance and I was pleased to see that it was going to be a relatively simple process to follow. I never felt rushed to prepare everything and I was able to enjoy my meal without feeling pressured to get the next course ready.

Before the first course there was some fragrant artisan bread that I served with butter and salt flakes. The bread was tough to cut through, but it was soft in the middle and had a really good flavour.

First up was Aloo Tikka, which was spiced potato dumplings, tamarind chutney, a mint yoghurt dip and salad. This was one of my favourite courses because I loved the dips that accompanied the dumplings. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t eat all of my salad, but each course was a decent sized portion, so I didn’t want to fill up at the first hurdle!

Next was Sweet Channa with Paneer. This mas made up of chickpeas, peppers and sweet & spicy sauce, topped with paneer. This one was more filling than it looked! But again, it had delicious flavours and I really enjoyed the warm paneer on top. However, the main event for me was the Moti Mahal Butter Chicken and Hyderabadi Biryani, which were both served together for course number 3.

The lamb biryani was my biggest surprise because it’s not normally something I would choose off of a menu, but I absolutely loved it! It was incredible and the butter chicken sauce was great to help soak up the rice. Both of these were accompanied with carrot and mustard seed pickle.

By this point I was completely stuffed, but of course I crammed in dessert. The final dish was Cardamom Rice Pudding with pistachio crumble and mango. I’m not normally a big rice pudding fan, but I loved the taste and texture that the crumble and mango added. It was a lovely sweet ending to the meal.

For 2 people it was £50 for all of the food above and a bottle of wine. The wine we got was a bottle of Italian white, which was crisp and went down super easily (even with a hangover). For me £50 was a really good deal and one that I would definitely sign up for again!

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