Homemade Brunch Ideas

The beginning of the year is usually a tight month money wise, so I tend to make more homemade brunches than usual! Here are some of the ideas and recipes I’ve made previously…

Avocado & Feta

A classic! Avocado on toast has become a staple on any brunch menu, but the beauty of this dish is how much you can dress it up or down. I usually make a guacamole by mixing thinly diced red onion, chopped red chilli, coriander, a squeeze of lime and some salt and pepper in to my avocado. Scoop this on to a toasted ciabatta (or your favourite bread) and top with feta. You can also add bacon, halloumi, eggs or whatever takes your fancy.

Brunch2 - Avocado Feta1

Mexican Avocado

This is one of my favourite ways to spice up avocado on toast. I toasted my trusty ciabatta roll, but I added a layer of Mexicana cheese before toasting the roll under the grill. I then added the same avocado mix as above and a sprinkling of chorizo, which I toasted in a frying pan first.

Brunch11 - Mexican Avo 

Prawn & Avocado

I love seafood, so another great combination is prawn and avocado. I had my prawns cold with Marie Rose sauce, but you could also grill them with some lemon and garlic before adding on top of your avocado.

Brunch1 - Prawn Avocado1

Katsu Halloumi

This has become a big of a favourite of mine. I stole the katsu halloumi idea from What I Ate For Breakfast and added it on to some avocado on toasted ciabatta. I make my own breadcrumbs for the halloumi by blitzing some toasted bread and adding salt, pepper and chilli flakes. I then coat halloumi slices in egg and cover in the breadcrumbs. Fry these in a pan and add to your avocado mix and top with a curry sauce. I use light mayo and medium curry powder and drizzle it over the top

Brunch8 - Katsu Halloumi

What I Ate For Breakfast has her katsu halloumi on top of a toasted muffin, so find what works for you!

Beans on Toast

There’s no denying that Heinz beans are insanely good, but for a healthier and fresher alternative, you can make your own. I used Alice Living’s recipe and mixed butter beans with tinned chopped tomatoes, a diced onion, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. Add these to some wholemeal toast and/or feta with a side of Heck chicken sausages. The beans can also be frozen and used whenever needed for a quick breakfast 

Brunch7 - Beans on Toast

Garlic Mushrooms

This one is for all other garlic fans, looking for a quick and simple feed. I toasted a ciabatta with some oil and garlic on top. Then I topped the ciabatta with some fried mushrooms cooked with more garlic, salt and pepper, before adding a fried egg.

Brunch3 - Garlic Mushrooms2

Hummus, Ham & Tomato Stack

What I Ate For Breakfast makes incredible breakfast stacks. When Beast from the East hit I was so happy I had delicious jambon from the Black Hoof Company in my flat. A quick visit to the corner shop and I was able to pick up some English muffins, hummus and tomato and throw together this delicious stack, which I topped with balsamic glaze.

Brunch4 - Hummus, Ham & Tomato Stack3

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