Lucky Yu Canteen, Edinburgh

Lucky Yu has been at the top of my Edinburgh restaurant list since it opened at the end of 2018 and it only took me a year to get there! It’s the team behind the brilliant Bodega (a taqueria on Leith Walk), so I had high expectations. I really enjoy the restaurant space because it’s tiny and intimate, with only a handful of small tables. Being minimalistic, it’s especially fitting for the Japanese canteen style of dining.

Lucky Yu - Chicken Wings

Lucky Yu is BYOB, but I’m not sure what the charges attached to this are because I was driving. But BYOB is a big tick from me in general. The menu isn’t huge, but there is still plenty to choose from. I could easily have ordered the whole menu and because of this it’s the kind of place where I would be happy to ask my server to bring a selection of whatever they recommend. On this occasion we selected: Steamed edamame, Lucky Yu signature wings, tiger prawn gyoza, the ichiban chicken gyoza, pork belly bao, fried chicken bao and duck bao. The dish that I was most eager to try was the chicken katsu sando, which looks insanely good. Unfortunately, they had sold out for the day. I was devastated, but it meant we had room to add the karaage chicken starter to our order.

Lucky Yu - Gyoza

All of the food just comes as and when it’s ready. This is a bonus because there was constantly food being delivered and we were never left waiting long. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and the food was just as good as I expected, if not more so. The Lucky Yu signature wings were definitely the stand out for me. I think I could have eaten about 3 portions to myself, and I used the left over sauce to dip the chicken karaage in to. I honestly couldn’t fault any of the dishes and I would be hard pushed to pick my least favourite. I thought the mix of traditional fillings like prawn gyoza against items like the ichiban chicken made the meal more interesting and both were tasty. For how much we ordered and how much I enjoyed my meal, I also think it was very reasonably priced. I’ll definitely be back!

Lucky Yu - Bao

Atmosphere – 5
Food – 5
Price – 4
Service – 3.5

Total – 17.5/20

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