Burns Night Menu


Start your Scottish dinner by offering your guests a whisky and prosecco cocktail. I wanted to start my evening with a glass of something, but the traditional Scottish drink of whisky is quite a strong pre-dinner drink. I found this prosecco cocktail recipe from Jamie Oliver, which I changed from Cognac to Glengoyne Whisky that I had made on their Malt Master Tour. The sweetness from the prosecco and sugar makes the whisky much easier to drink.


Whisky Cocktail

To start

I chose the traditional cock-a-leekie soup for my starter because it’s easy to prepare in advance and to serve to a large group. However, I considered a fun and different idea like tattie (potato) scones that you could serve with dips as a sharing style starter.

Tom Kitchin is one of my favourite Scottish chefs, so I happily used his cock-a-leekie soup recipe. Cock-a-leekie is chicken and rice covered in a broth, so it can be quite a hearty dish, but it’s a good winter warmer!


Cock-a-leekie Soup

Main course

For Burns Night it has to be haggis, neeps (turnip) and tatties for the main course. Haggis is always better with a good helping of whisky sauce and I used this recipe from the BBC to make mine:


Haggis Neeps & Tatties1

Haggis Neeps & Tatties2

I prepared traditional mashed neeps and tatties (with optional bacon and spring onion toppings for people to add at their leisure), but I also made these roasted neeps and tatties from the BBC:


I thoroughly enjoyed these because the crispiness added a different texture, whilst being a little bit different, but still traditional ingredients.


Cranachan is the perfect way to end your meal because it’s not too heavy. It’s made up of raspberries and cream with some toasted oatmeal and of course, whisky! There’s also some honey, to sweeten up the mixture. Again, the BBC came to my rescue with their recipe.



Petit Fours

If 3 courses aren’t enough, or just as a nice touch you could serve some shortbread or tablet with teas & coffees or a dram of whisky. I was lucky enough to have a friend bring her Gran’s delicious shortbread, but this would probably have been the recipe I would have used otherwise.


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