Fhior, Edinburgh

I booked Fhior for a pre-Tattoo dinner, and it was a great start to a fantastic evening. I’d read mixed reviews about the restaurant, but we had a very pleasant experience; one that I would definitely recommend.

Because of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, we arrived on Broughton Street at 6pm, to sit down to dinner. Being relatively early on a Thursday, the restaurant wasn’t busy, but it did pick up as the evening went on. It’s a bigger building than I thought, and it continued to be deceivingly large as we were walked through to our table. We had a lovely seat by the window, but I found the whole place to have a bright, minimalistic vibe. There were only napkins and water glasses on the table, which added to the surprise element of what we would be eating, but does make the restaurant feel a bit cold with no little touches. Once seated you will be offered the 4 course or the 7 course tasting menu, but both menus are sealed in an envelope, which you receive at the end of the meal. We chose the 7 courses, but refused the optional 8th dish, due to be pushed for time. We decided not to do the wine pairing and ordered a bottle of picpoul instead. With absolutely no idea what we were about to receive, I was very excited…


Without hesitation, we received an amuse bouche of cured coppa (pork) and it’s safe to say it didn’t last long! Fhior’s philosophy is based on using seasonal Scottish produce and I really enjoyed that when each dish arrived, we weren’t just told what it was, but also where it came from. Immediately, we received the most amazing bread and handmade butter, as well as another amuse bouche of crab. The bread really is as good as everyone says; the texture was chewy, but still soft, and the butter was smooth and salty.

Next up, a chantrelle mushroom and leek starter that I also really enjoyed the texture of. The mushrooms were soft, but not slimy, and the toasted quinoa gave it an added crunch. This dish was fun because it was served with a cheese espume that we got to add ourselves, and boy did we add plenty! This course was one of my highlights from the evening.

The next 2 starters were refreshing and light. First, we received sea trout with cucumber and seaweed. This was followed by baby gem lettuce, with tomato and lardo. This sounded quite dull, but it was actually pretty tasty, although a couple of extra slices of lardo would have been happily accepted.


Our first main course was pigeon, which although not my favourite meat, was cooked beautifully. I prefer other more tender meats, but I thought this was done really well. The second main course was duck and it was another highlight for me.


At this point we were offered an additional cheese course, which we couldn’t turn down, so we got 1 to share. I was definitely starting to get full here, but I didn’t regret the cheese one bit!


The first dessert was a kind of strawberry, bay leaf and mint granola dish. This was my least favourite from the meal because it had a very smokey flavour from the toasted oats and there just seemed to be a lot of flavours and textures going on.


The final course was one I didn’t think I would be overly keen on, but it was delicious – a cherry and white chocolate combination. The cherries were sweet, not sour, and the white chocolate came as a mousse and as shards.


I would definitely recommend Fhior for the delicious food and the suspense element of what you’ll be eating that evening. I would say that there are similar experiences in Edinburgh, which I’ve had an overall better meal in, but that doesn’t take away from the lovely evening I had at Fhior. The raspberry pastilles that we received at the end of the meal were very welcome and yummy!

Atmosphere – 3.5
Food – 4.5
Price – 4
Service – 4.5

Total – 16.5/20

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