Bross Bagels, Edinburgh

I’ve loved Bross Bagels for a while now, but my love has grown even more since moving to the Leith side of town. Katie and I have got ourselves into a weekly routine where we go to CaveFit on a Saturday or Sunday morning, followed by a weekly food shop and then a takeaway from Bross Bagels. And this is one routine that I’m not looking to get out of anytime soon!

Bross Bagels.JPG

Bross Bagels first opened in summer 2017, in Portobello, and I managed to pay them a visit in the Autumn. I would never have said I was huge on bagels before, but I can safely say, I just hadn’t found the perfect one. I instantly fell in love with the Reu-Bross (salt beef, swiss, sauerkraut & Mama Bross’ russian dressing), on an everything bagel. The consistency of the bagels is what instantly caught my attention – not too soft or too chewy, and the everything mix gave the bagel a fantastic flavour all on its own. However, the toppings are what brought the Big Bang of flavour to my brunch. Bross is all about Montreal style bagels with NYC inspired fillings, and the combination is a winner for me.

Bross Bagels - C3PO.jpg

Since 2017, Bross has expanded to Leith and the West End, so locals and tourists can get their Canadian bagel fix all across town. Each location has a similar menu, but there are certain locations you can get specific bagels. Every weekend there’s a special, which tends to be what I go for because they are always very inventive, and I can always try other menu items another time. My favourite specials have been the C3PO: Chipotle chicken, smashed avocado, maple bacon and Aye Pickled dill pickles and the K-Hole: Korean pulled chicken, Asian style slaw, fried chorizo and kimchi mayo.

Bross Bagels - K-HOLE.jpg

Some of the regular menu items that I have fallen in love with have been Good-Night-Club-Turkey with turkey, bacon, melted applewood smoked cheese, montreal slaw & Mama Bross’ rock sauce, as well as the Salt Beef and Mustard with pickles. Next on my list to try is the Mama Bross, a combination of poached chicken salad and dill pickles.

Bross Bagels - Salt Beef

I always go for the takeaway option, but each location has some seating available on site. If you like good food, with a healthy dose of character, then get yourself down to your nearest Bross Bagels as much as possible!


Atmosphere – 5
Food – 5
Price – 5
Service – 4

Total – 19/20

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