Cooking with ‘Famous Dishes from Around the World’

I was recently gifted a copy of a new cookbook titled ‘Famous Dishes from Around the World’. This is a bilingual cookbook, both English and Spanish, so it will come in handy if I finally learn Spanish (it’s been on my bucket list for a while)! Although all recipes are only in the 2 languages, the book showcases meals from lots of corners of the world. Destinations include France, Mexico, Morocco, Greece, Poland, Indonesia and Spain.

Famous Dishes1.jpg

Author and Publisher, Stephanie Maze says, “Ethnic food and international cuisine can be found at every street corner of our cities and neighbours”. I also love how food can bring different cultures together, so I was excited to receive this book and find some new recipes from different nationalities. As well as accumulating healthy, tasty and affordable dishes, Famous Dishes from Around the World, includes ‘Cooking Tips and Tricks’ and ‘Healthy Hints’. There are 30 international and ethnic dishes in the book, each presented in English and Spanish. The recipes are healthy variations of authentic dishes, with background information on each one, and a breakdown of calorie and nutrition. Being budget conscious also means that a tasty meal doesn’t need to break the bank.

Famous Dishes2.jpg

Mexican is my favourite cuisine, so the first recipe I decided to try was the chili. However, there’s some debate whether chili evolved from Mexican or American roots. This is an American chili with turkey, which the author states is a dish that took hold in Texas with the cowboys and the poor. Most of the ingredients were straight forward and ones I already had in my fridge/cupboard, others I chose to leave out, or they were relatively cheap and easy to pick up! I really enjoyed how the steps were laid out; they weren’t over complicated and very easy to follow.

Famous Dishes3.jpg

The nutrition advice is a welcome addition to a cookbook, to ensure that what you think are healthy meals that you’re cooking, actually are as healthy as you think. There’s also an image alongside every recipe, which I liked because a lot of cookbooks only have images for some recipes and it’s great to be able to see what all meals should look like.

Famous Dishes4.jpg

After a successful first meal, the huevos rancheros is next on my list to try! The Indonesian satay with peanut sauce is also one I’ve got my eye on…

Buy a copy of ‘Famous Dishes from Around the World’ here:

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