8 Things to Eat in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The most magical place on earth is not just for kids! With the most enchanting atmosphere and inventive entertainment, comes lots of delicious treats for all ages…

Mickey Waffles

Where: Crystal Palace

A day in Magic Kingdom requires a hearty breakfast and you will certainly get this at Crystal Palace. A friend recommended the character breakfast here because it’s all of the Winnie the Pooh cast, but I really enjoyed the food. It’s a buffet, so you can help yourself to a selection of savoury items before diving in to the Mickey Waffles. These are just regular waffles, but they’re so cute that you need to pick one up!

Mickey Waffles

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Where: Main Street Cart

I’m not a huge ice cream person, but the Mickey Ice Cream Bar is quite possibly the most famous food in Disney, so of course I had to try one. I actually really enjoyed it; I thought both the chocolate on the outside and the ice cream were yummy, and the Mickey design makes it an even more desirable ice cream.

Rice Crispy Treat

Where: Main Street Confectionary

My rice crispy treat of choice was the one that looked like a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, but there are lots of different designs to choose from. Again, the Mickey shape made it even more enjoyable to eat, and it was a lovely sweet treat to enjoy in front of Cinderella’s Castle after the parade.

Rice Crispie Treat.jpg


Where: Main Street Cart

I would recommend getting yourself one of the souvenir re-fillable buckets right at the start of your trip. I got mine on day 1 and I was able to re-fill at all of the Disney parks I visited (including water parks) for a much cheaper price. The bucket itself is great to keep and use at home, and the popcorn is wonderfully buttery. My highlight was enjoying the popcorn whilst watching the Happily Ever After fireworks display.


Cheshire Cat Tail

Where: Cheshire Cafe

I originally visited Cheshire Café for the Cat Tail, but when I found myself here again, I tasted the Wonderland Slushy and the Pepper Jack Pretzel. The Cat Tail is a great mid-morning snack, for a sugar boost; it’s similar to a pain au chocolat, but sweeter. The slushy and pretzel were ideal for the afternoon when you need a quick seat, because the slush will cool you down and the pretzel is good to pick at.

Cheshire Cat Tail.jpg

Chili Cheese Fries

Where: Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner serves classic American diner food, that’s quick and messy! I thought that outside Casey’s was the perfect spot for the parade, so grab a seat before or after and enjoy a hot dog, corn dog nuggets or some chilli cheese fries.

Philly Cheesesteak Spring Roll

Where: Adventureland Spring Roll Cart

Hopping on and off rides can get pretty tiring, so a quick snack is always needed! These spring rolls are handy to pick up and eat whilst walking to your next destination, or for enjoying whilst taking in the busy surroundings. They’re not too heavy, but have plenty of flavour.

Spring Rolls.jpg

Up Dole Whip

Where: Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies

You can’t visit Disney and not try Dole Whip! It’s pineapple soft serve, that is light and refreshing, especially on a hot Floridian day! It was easy to see why this is a firm favourite with Disney goers and I’ll definitely be eating lots more on my next visit! The Up version is mango soft serve, in a blue cone with a white chocolate balloon that has mult-coloured pearls made to look like the balloon from Up.

Up Dole Whip

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