8 Sushi Restaurants to Try in Edinburgh

Sushi is high up there on my list of favourite cuisines and below are some of my top picks for different times I’m craving sushi in Edinburgh.


Kanpai is my favourite sushi spot because of it’s authentic Japanese izakaya feel. The restaurant is lowly lit and creates a chilled-out vibe, whilst feeling quite private. The interior of Kanpai is very sleek and I enjoy dining here for both the food and atmosphere. There is also a bar eating area, where diners can watch their sushi being prepared. Sashimi is a firm favourite of mine and Kanpai serves a beautifully presented and fresh selection.

When: an intimate Saturday night dinner.


This is a relatively new sister restaurant to Kanpai, after Sushiya closed its doors. The connection between Kanpai and Yamato is instantly recognizable as soon as you walk through the latter’s doors. You can read my full review here, but expect another authentic Japanese feel, which is a bit more casual than Kanpai. Try the karaage (sake marinated fried chicken), alongside your sushi selection.


When: you want something slightly more casual than Kanpai.

Chizuru Tei

Another newish restaurant on the Edinburgh scene is Chizuru Tei, but it has wasted no time gaining a positive name for itself. I finally managed to visit last week and thoroughly enjoyed! First of all, it’s BYOB – yay! It’s also much smaller than it looks from the outside, so it’s got a more homely feel inside. The menu has a wide range of dishes, so there’s something for everyone, not just sushi lovers.

Chizuru Tei.jpg

When: a casual, boozy Japanese experience.

Harajuku Kitchen

Harajuku Kitchen first appeared on my radar at Stockbridge Market. The dumplings are absolutely insane; they have an abundance of flavour and I just can’t get enough! I love the homely vibe in the restaurant, which has a bright and relaxed feel. I prefer the gyoza when cooked at food markets, rather than in the restaurant, but they have a good mix of dishes and I’ve always enjoyed the food here, as well as the atmosphere.

When: a nice, weekend lunch in the restaurant or various food markets.


Bentoya has a big menu filled with a lot of main meals, as well as all kinds of sushi. For me, the spicy, garlic edamame can’t be missed, and the bento boxes are a good way to get a mix of different food all in one. The salmon box is my favourite, with teriyaki, sashimi and sushi, and it’s served with rice and miso, all for under £10!

When: a nice, midweek lunch or an after-work dinner.

White Sushi

White Sushi is a new discovery of mine, but it’s now up there as my favourite sushi takeout place. I’ve never sat in, so I’m not sure what the restaurant is like, but the food was excellent. The salmon sashimi was incredible, in taste and texture, because it completely melted in my mouth.

White Sushi.jpg

When: any time you want to enjoy sushi in your pjs, watching Netflix.

Sushi Stop

For me, there’s nothing worse than having to get on a train with a pre-packed sandwich! Sushi Stop is the perfect alternative when at Waverley Station because it’s situated close by. My favourite is the salmon special roll, which you can get as a meal deal and comes with a side and drink. The sides include edamame or pumpkin croquette, both of which I thoroughly enjoy. There isn’t the most choice in the world at Sushi Stop, but it’s great for something tasting whilst on the move.

When: when you’re getting the train from Edinburgh Waverley.

Dai Pai

This is certainly not my favourite sushi place, but one to check out for the novelty of its sushi burrito. The ‘sushiritto’ as it’s called, comes in a mix of different flavours and looks like a giant sushi roll. Unlike regular sushi, which I would order a selection of, one sushiritto is ideal for lunch or a snack, and it’s easy to eat on the go.

Dai Pai.jpg

When: you want something a bit different.

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