Public House by Nico, Glasgow

I fell in love with Nico Simone’s Six by Nico concept instantly, so I was excited to hear that Nico was opening a new restaurant, Public House in Glasgow. Katie and I headed to Glasgow last weekend to sample their Sunday Roast menu. As well as Sunday roasts, they offer breakfast and small plates during the week. The small plates are traditional pub items such as fish and chips, a burger and the pie of the day, but they are meant for sharing. At the time of writing, the roast is £17 for 2 courses and £20 for 3 courses. The menu isn’t huge, but quantity of dishes isn’t necessary for a classic roast, and there’s great options to choose from. We decided to share the haggis scotch egg to start, but we struggled to pick between that, the Arbroath smokie croquettes or the ham hough sandwich. I really enjoyed the starter; it wasn’t big, which was ideal before a roast, but the egg was runny, and the flavours were great.

Public House by Nico - Scotch Egg

For my main, I chose the sirloin and Katie chose the pork. Both roasts were accompanied by Yorkshire pudding, beef dripping roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and burnt honey glazed root vegetables. The sirloin I would have preferred to be a bit rarer, but I didn’t find it too overcooked; it was still soft, but a bit pinker is my personal taste. Cauliflower cheese is always a dream and the potatoes were incredible; fantastically crispy, but they completely fell apart because of how soft they were inside, which is just the way I like them! Apart from half a Yorkshire pudding, my plate was completely wiped clean. Even the extra gravy I requested was scooped up!

Public House by Nico - Roast

Of course, we still had space for dessert and we decided to share the sticky toffee pudding and the cheese board. The pudding was deliciously sweet, with the sponge being a great consistency and there was plenty of toffee sauce. The vanilla ice cream was perfect alongside because it was incredibly creamy. My only problem with the dessert is that it was so good, I could have eaten 2, and I basically ate this one all to myself – thanks Katie! The cheese board was a good way to round off the meal and with a mix of hard and soft cheese, as well as oatcakes, chutney and quince, there was something for each of us.

Public House by Nico - Sticky Toffee

The atmosphere reminded me of Six by Nico, with a modern, sleek vibe, but it was more pub like with the bar and cosy armchair dining, as well as restaurant tables. I would definitely visit again for Sunday lunch, and I am keen to try the small plates, but I have a feeling that the roast menu will be my favourite!


Atmosphere – 4.5
Food – 4
Price – 3.5
Service – 4

Total – 16/20

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