How to Spend 2 Days in Brussels

Day 1

Morning: City breaks can be quite tiring, so it’s important to make sure that you’re fuelled for what lies ahead. Peck 47 is the perfect spot to have a relaxed and tasty brunch; with outdoor and indoor seating, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a seat at this popular eatery. It’s also a good chance to have your first waffles in Brussels! As well as having a mix of classic egg and fruit dishes, they also offer a selection of savoury waffles (the cheesy one is a good choice!), and larger lunch items. The juices here are good too!

After breakfast, take a stroll to see some of the most iconic (and bizarre) sights in Brussels. Manneken Pis is a small bronze statue of a little boy peeing, which has become famous throughout history and through many different stories. He has hundreds of different outfits to fit any and all occasions, so even if it’s not your first visit, pop by and see him again.

Manneken Pis.jpg

After the little boy, Jeanneke Pis was created, as a counterpart. Jeanneke Pis is a little girl peeing into a fountain, much like Manneken Pis, but with less outfits! The final statue is Zinneke Pis, which is a peeing dog. All of these sculptures are around a 15 minute walk from one another.

Afternoon: The Brussels Journey Beer & Chocolate Tour is the ideal afternoon of eating and drinking your way through 2 of Brussels famous consumptions. The tour meets in the Grand Place, which allows you to see this beautiful square before beginning your tour. Throughout the afternoon, you will be taken to the most exclusive chocolate makers in Brussels, as well as bars and taverns to sample Belgian beer. It also includes a walking tour of the city, with some cheese and meat platters in the tavern.

Grand Place.jpg

Beer & Chocolate Tour.jpg

Evening: Once your tour has finished, take the opportunity hang back and enjoy a few more beers with your fellow tourists. You might not want a full meal, so this is the perfect time to try some Belgian frites. Fritland or Georgette are both great places, so why not try both?! Grab some frites from Georgette (samurai sauce is my favourite) and a mitraillette from Fritland. A mitraillette is a baguette stuffed with burger, lettuce, onion and fries, with your choice of sauce on top (again I’d choose samurai), and it’s deliciously messy!


Day 2

Morning: Start your day by getting on a sugar high! Los Churros offers Belgian waffles with a selection of toppings. I chose Speculoos, or Biscoff as it’s more commonly known in the UK, because it originated in Belgium. This is a quick, tasty breakfast, which you can eat on the go, as you explore the rest of Brussels.

Liege Waffle

Afternoon: It’s time to see the parts of the city you didn’t make it to yesterday. Head towards the Law Courts of Brussels, which is a grand building, but also has wonderful views across the city.


From there, take in your surroundings as you make your way to try some of the oldest frites in Brussels. Maison Antoine is a hut in Place Jourdan serving traditional frites, with plenty of sauces! The hut is surrounded by lots of bars that will allow you to eat your frites, whilst you sip on a beer.

Maison Antoine.jpg

The next stop on the tour is the European Parliament, before heading to the Royal Palace of Brussels, which is across from Brussels Park. The park is a lovely place to stroll through, or to sit and relax in. Now, head back towards the Grand Place to try a Brussels waffle from Maison Dandoy. Brussels waffles are lighter than Belgian ones and are most traditionally served with a dusting of sugar. I would definitely recommend trying both types of waffles during your Brussels visit because they are very different, but both tasty.

Royal Palace.jpg

Brussels Park.jpg

Brussels Park2.jpg

Evening: For your final evening, indulge in the Belgian classic – mussels and frites! Chez Leon is a great choice because of its location and unlimited fries! We opted for a mix of steamed and baked mussels in different sauces. The baked were my favourite and the delicious tomato sauce was great for dipping my frites in to. After dinner, you might be able to fit in a beer or 2 before it’s time to leave.


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