Potluck, Glasgow

In between Christmas and New Year is such a weird time, no one knows what day it is or if anything’s open, but luckily when I visited Glasgow at this time, Potluck was open! I’ve seen the delicious looking food a few times on Instagram and had wanted to try this brunch spot for a while, so I was thrilled when Katie and I managed to pop in in December. There’s only about 6 tables in the space, so there’s not loads of seats; we had to wait around 20 minutes, but we were happy enough to do that.

Once seated, we were presented with a menu consisting of breakfast dishes, hot cakes, sandwiches and other dishes. Everything that was coming out of the kitchen looked fabulous, but always a savoury person, I was drawn to the breakfast stack. This consisted of smoked bacon, garlic thyme mushrooms, spinach, scrambled eggs, toast and chilli jam. I decided to substitute the bacon for salmon and added a side of cheddar and jalapeño hash browns. It didn’t feel like we had to wait overly long to receive our food, but long enough that I was salivating at surrounding dishes.

Potluck - Breakfast Stack.jpg

When the food arrived, I received a huge portion, piled high with plenty of colourful ingredients and a generous dollop of chilli jam on the side. My breakfast looked very aesthetically pleasing and luckily, it tasted just as good! I was very happy with my choice because there was plenty of each ingredient on the plate, so there was an excellent mix of flavours. I’m a big garlic fan, so the mushrooms were a treat, but my favourite part was definitely the hash browns. The cheddar and jalapeño made sure they had a fantastic consistency and taste.

Although it’s small inside, Potluck didn’t feel dark or dingy; we were more than happy to relax with tea and cake after our lunch, so we shared a chocolate brownie and I had a peppermint tea. The service was friendly, and we didn’t feel rushed even though tables are limited. I will definitely be back for another delightful afternoon of delicious food!


Atmosphere – 3.5
Food – 5
Price – 3.5
Service – 4

Total – 16/20

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