7 Must-Eats in Brussels

I was pleasantly surprised with Brussels, but how could a city famed for chocolate and beer be anything but good?!


One of the first things on my list for eating in Brussels, were frites, and there are so many places selling them, it’s impossible not to stumble upon frites. Fritland is where I had my first taste of Belgian fries, but I was also able to try Georgette and Maison Antoine during my trip. Georgette is great for picking up fries in town and eating on the go, but Maison Antoine is also worth the walk. Maison Antoine is one of the oldest friteries and the fries are glorious, so it’s easy to see how they’ve lasted since 1948.


Top tip: Get your frites with samurai sauce!


Fritland can have a massive queue, but I think it’s worth it for the masterpiece that is the mitraillette. I wasn’t sure what I would think of this random sandwich, but I loved it! It’s definitely one to share with friends because of the size; it’s a baguette stuffed with burger, lettuce, onion and fries, with your choice of sauce on top (again I’d choose samurai), and it’s deliciously messy!

Mussels & Frites

Mussels & Frites made it on to Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist, so of course I had to indulge in this! Whilst in Brussels I was recommended Chez Leon for mussels because of their different options and unlimited fries! We opted for a mix of steamed and baked mussels. The baked were my favourite and the delicious tomato sauce was great for dipping my frites in.


Brussels Waffle

Before arriving in Brussels, I didn’t realise there were 2 different types of Belgian waffles, but of course I had to try both! I would recommend starting with the Brussels waffle because it’s lighter than the Liege one. To make sure you get the full flavour of the waffle have the Brussels waffle with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Maison Dandoy is a great place to pop by and pick up this rectangular, less sweet waffle.

Brussels Waffle.jpg

Liege Waffle

After tasting the delicate Brussels waffle, it’s time to experience the more common Belgian waffle. Los Churros can be found throughout Brussels and they have the more oval shaped Liege waffle, with a huge selection of toppings to add. For me this was the perfect time to try Speculoos, or as it’s more commonly known in the UK, Biscoff. This is a spiced shortbread biscuit, which has been turned in to a spread and is insanely good on top of a waffle! It can be very sweet, so you might want to share with a friend.

Liege Waffle.jpg


I’m usually a savoury over sweet person, but this was one of my highlights from Brussels. We decided to embark on a chocolate and beer tour during our weekend here, and I’m glad we did because we got to find the best spots! We visited Chocopolis, Frederic Blondeel, Pierre Marcolini and Meert, and all are worth a stop, but my favourites were Frederic Blondeel and Pierre Marcolini. Frederic Blondeel is a great place to pick up some speculoos biscuits as well as chocolates, and Pierre Maecolini have the most insane pralines.




No visit to Brussels would be complete without a couple of beer stops! Benelux, Toone and Aux Bon Vieux Temps are 3 bars that we visited on our tour and each one was very different, but all had great beers. Benelux has more of a bar vibe, where as Toone and Aux Bon Vieux Temps are more pub like. My favourite was Aux Bon Vieux Temps and I would recommend trying a variety of lighter and darker beers; the trappist beer was a highlight of mine!


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