8 of the Best Food Markets Around the World

Time Out Lisbon

I think this could be my favourite so far because of the atmosphere and buzz. As well as being the perfect place to meet friends and grab a bottle of wine (or 2), it has an incredible selection of delicious food. Once you have purchased your wine and found a seat, you can peruse the various options. I had my eye on a lot of things, but I started with sushi and followed with Vietnamese spring rolls and chicken skewers. I’ve only been here once, but I’m desperate to go back.

Time Out1

Time Out3

Borough Market London

In contrast to the modern Time Out Lisbon, Borough Market has an old-world wonder about it. This is London’s oldest food market, so it’s doused in history, but it very much keeps up with the times; it provides a dynamic range of food. My advice is to go here during the day, with friends if possible, so you can spend the morning or afternoon wandering around the stalls, trying lots of different things.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji is one of my favourite foodie experiences; I fell in love with Tokyo in general, but I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this market. I was lucky enough to visit with a local izakaya owner, who was buying the days fish and I got a really authentic experience. We walked around whilst he selected and ordered lots of seafood and we even got to taste a piece of tuna, which was sliced off right in front of us! This is one of the best things I have ever eaten because it was extremely fresh, as well as delicious.


Maxwell Road Hawker Centre Singapore

I love Asian food and Maxwell Road holds an array of delicious items – my favourite being chicken satay! As well as satay, you can indulge in famous chicken rice, chilli crab and spring rolls, to name a few. My tip would be to sit amongst the many locals, get chatting and try new things.

Note: Satay Street is also worth a visit for crazy good satay!

Foodhallen Amsterdam

My stops here were Taqueria Lima and Meneer Temaki, and I loved them both. Mexican and Japanese are my 2 favourite cuisines, so it was great to be able to enjoy them both under the same roof. The Foodhallen has a modern feel, which is suitable for either day or night dining, but the seating can be quite cramped.

La Boqueria Barcelona

The history of La Boqueria dates back to the 1200’s, but it certainly hasn’t lost its touch. Here you can find plenty of fruit and vegetables, butchers, delis, seafood and more. Situated on Las Ramblas, this is an incredibly busy market, and there’s lots to see, so grab a fruit juice to sip whilst you wander through (there are lots of different ones to choose from, but watermelon is delicious). You can also pick up small cones of jamon, which I thoroughly enjoyed nibbling on during our stroll.



Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

I’ve only been to Australia once, but I still remember the delicious, warm doughnuts we had at the Queen Victoria Market. This is the oldest of Melbourne’s markets and it has taken different forms over the last 140 years, including livestock and fruit and vegetables. Now there are a huge range of items, including raw produce, as well as ready-to-eat food. If you want to have the ultimate foodie experience at Queen Victoria, they offer expertly guided tours of the market.


Chelsea Market NYC

The Chelsea Market is the perfect place to visit before taking a walk along the High Line. It feels more like an old-fashioned shopping centre, than a traditional food market, but it still has lots of tasty treats – on my next visit I have Los Tacos in my sights! The market has only been operating for 15 years, previously the building was used as a biscuit factory, and there are still remnants of the old factory noticeable as you walk through.


Extra: Riverside Market Fort Lauderdale

Not a traditional market, but I think this is my favourite place for food in Fort Lauderdale. The croissants are incredible and it has such a fun vibe!

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