8 Travelling Lows Instagram Doesn’t Show

Getting There

Don’t get me wrong, getting there is half the fun, but it’s also exhausting. Some of my favourite Instagram influencers make it look like travelling is a breeze; jetting off on first class flights or fancy cruises, but for a lot of people that’s far from reality.


Travelling can involve a lengthy travel period on cramped transport, with non-nutritious meals, leaving you feeling tired and grumpy when you arrive at your destination. It’s important to try and not compare yourself to others on social media because you never know what’s going on in the background.

Jet Lag

Up through the night and sleeping all day, is an image yet to make it on to my Instagram feed, but never say never! There’s nothing glamourous about jet lag, so it doesn’t take up much space on many Instagram accounts, but it’s not unusual to want to miss part of your day to take a nap.

Moscow Hotel.jpg

When on an adventure, you’re going to want to see everything, but it’s important not to wear yourself out. If your body needs rest, try to compromise with a longer sleep or chill out time, whilst still doing most of what you want to do.

Time Differences

I’m not much of a solo traveller, because I’m in a relationship and have so many travel-loving friends, but I spent 6 months in New York and sometimes travelling can be lonely. More often than not, Instagram doesn’t show the moments when people feel disheartened. Different time zones can make it hard to speak to friends and family, which can leave people feeling down and missing home comforts.

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, not every day of a trip has to look like it stepped out of a magazine! Yes, we want beautiful photos, but we also want real moments and funny stories, that’s what we’ll remember in the end.


It’s very possible that your favourite Instagrammer has managed to catch the one moment of sun breaking through the clouds and the rest of the time the weather has been wet and miserable.

Harrison Park Rain.jpg

Weather can have a big effect on how you feel and what your impressions are of a destination, so just because someone has made the snow, wind or rain look beautiful and created an amazing photo, they might not be having the best time doing it!


Not only would I not want to look back on this, it would also not be a time that I would think to get my camera out. Planning what to do for the day or where to eat can cause some tension between travelling companions, but this is something that is easily forgotten when you see a photo of 2 best friends laughing on the beach.

Just because you see a snapshot of someone’s day or adventure, don’t forget that it’s not always like that. Even the closest of friends/family start to get agitated with one another when they spend a lot of time together.


The Isle of Skye is the perfect example of this, but there are many others! People see beautiful, rugged views on Instagram and that’s why they decide to visit, but they forget that Skye is a small place, and hundreds of thousands of tourists means that it’s highly unlikely you will be alone on the Island!

Neist Point1

Many Instagram accounts won’t show the huge crowds of people around them or how long they had to wait to get a less hectic shot. However, it’s not impossible to find quieter parts, especially if you travel out with peak times.


I follow so many amazing travel bloggers on Instagram and I spend 90% of my time on social media wishing I could just jet off around the world doing all of the amazing things I see others doing. The one thing that Instagram doesn’t show is how much it’s costing them! Yes, incredible hotel rooms, with brilliant waterfront views are amazing, on Instagram and in real life, but it’s not worth getting in to debt for if you can’t afford it.

You can have incredible travel experiences on a budget and not all Instagram photos have to look lavish and luxurious, they can be authentic and real.


No one wants to remember the time they missed out on the best parts of Park Guell because they left it too late and it was full, or the time that you misread the confirmation and turned up too late for a sailing trip around the Whitsundays. And, that’s why you will almost never see your favourite travel Instagrammer posting about the things they are disappointed they missed out on, especially if it means owning up to making a mistake.


I think this is such a shame because we can all learn from each other’s disappointments and mistakes and shouldn’t be embarrassed that we made them.

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