Scran & Scallie, Edinburgh

After being treated to a meal at The Kitchin, Sam and I decided to try another Tom Kitchin restaurant, the more casual Scran & Scallie in Stockbridge. We booked in for Sunday lunch with 2 friends, and after the success of our meal at The Kitchin, I was really looking forward to it. I definitely recommend booking because when we arrived at 2.30pm the bar and restaurant were both heaving. We were seated in the restaurant, which fits a lot more tables that you would think from the outside, and we settled in for the afternoon. Although technically a pub, the Scran & Scallie has a more formal feel than most pubs, but it’s got the same homely and relaxed atmosphere you would expect from your local. It’s a dining establishment for the whole family and people of all ages because they have a small playroom for children and plenty of wine on offer for the adults.

I ordered a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and started to study the menu. There were some tasty sounding starters, including dressed Newhaven brown crab & toast and a goat cheese & walnut tart, but we decided we weren’t hungry enough for 3 course and wanted to save ourselves for dessert. On the list of main courses, you can find traditional British pub food of sausage & mash, fish & chips and different pies. Fish & chips is a classic go-to for me, and I was also tempted by the beef because it was a Sunday lunch, but I decided to try the fish pie. This satisfied my fish craving, but also let me sample the famous Scran & Scallie pies I’d heard so much about. We also ordered the roasted chorizo potatoes for the table.

Scran & Scallie - Fish Pie

The service was nowhere near the level we had received at The Kitchin, which is of course to be expected. However, Sam and I had to wait quite a long time on arrival and eventually had to ask someone if we could order drinks. Throughout the meal, we didn’t have any issues, but a touch more attentiveness would have been nice. It wasn’t too long before our food arrived, and it tasted just as good as it looked; I was also glad we didn’t get starters because I was pretty full after my main. My fish pie was full of delicious white fish, salmon and prawns, as well as egg and potato, so it was a very filling, hearty pie. Both of the boys ordered the fish & chips and I managed to steal a taste of Sam’s, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would probably have on my next visit – the fish was succulent, but crispy and the chips tasted as though from the chip shop (minus the grease). Stuart wisely pointed out that some mushy peas would have been a good extra. I’m not a big steak pie fan, but Christine seemed to really enjoy hers, and I’ve heard other rave reviews from friends. The potatoes were tasty, but completely unnecessary for our meal because I had plenty of potato in my pie and Sam and a mound of chips.

Scran & Scallie - Fish & Chips

We all decided to end on the chocolate brownie; I was disappointed there wasn’t sticky toffee pudding on the menu because it’s my favourite, but I love chocolate desserts too, so I was excited to try the brownie. They arrived on mini skillets, which was aesthetically pleasing, and we dived right in. Instantly we all assumed we had been given the wrong dessert and I wondered how I had missed the sticky toffee pudding on the menu. We realised we did in fact have the brownie, but it tasted super similar to sticky toffee pudding! I was delighted, but understandably, Sam had been looking forward to a more chocolatey brownie, rather than a sponge like consistency. Whatever it was, I thought it was scrumptious!

Scran & Scallie - Chocolate Brownie

I really enjoyed our afternoon in the Scran & Scallie, it has a lovely atmosphere, and I never felt rushed. I thought all of the ingredients, preparation and taste of the food was excellent, and I would visit every Sunday if the prices were a little lower. For pub food it excels above others, but because of the price it’s not the kind of place I could visit every Sunday. However, I’m more than happy to pay extra for good quality ingredients and visit less frequently.


Atmosphere – 5
Food – 4
Price – 3
Service – 3.5

Total – 15.5/20

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