What NYC Taught Me

To me there is no where better than NYC. There’s so much to see and do, so inevitably, there’s a lot to learn. Here are some of the things I learnt during my 6-month internship in New York.

Top of the Rock View

Take in your surroundings

I’m guilty of making my way through the day, in my regular routine and not paying attention to what’s going on around me. Living in New York, there’s always a different setting around the corner, and NYC in particular has so much going on that you’ll want to keep your head up and not miss a thing.

Walk as much as possible

The best way to not miss anything and make sure that no NYC spectacle passes you by is to walk. It’s obviously not a small city, so there may be times when you want to jump on the subway or grab a cab, but the more walking you can do the more you will be rewarded.

Beauty can be found everywhere

NYC is filled with so many different kinds of beauty, whether it’s buildings, parks, fashion, food… the list goes on. This city showed me that whether it’s a lone strawberry laid at Strawberry Fields in Central Park, or the Empire State Building sneaking in to view whilst walking the High Line, beauty really can be found around every corner.

High Line View

Places can be exactly how you imagined

I had huge expectations of NYC, but it more than lived up to them. I knew I would be overwhelmed, but never bored, and that was certainly the case. Between the 5 different boroughs, NYC is so diverse and so much fun! One minute you can be in the bright lights of Time Square and then you can be in an authentic Italian in the Bronx, before ending your night in a hip bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

But they can still surprise you

As much as I knew NYC would be amazingly chaotic, I didn’t realise quite how serene it would be at times. Slip away from the main tourist spots, to lesser visited areas, or take a detour in Central Park and you can find yourself feeling a million miles away from the hustle and bustle that I expected, and experienced, in New York.

Don’t overspend

Wow, it is easy to get sucked in to the New York lifestyle of glitz and glam, but I quickly found that, for the people I knew, it wasn’t sustainable. There are fabulous rooftop bars with delicious cocktails and crazy beautiful views and there are the most amazing restaurants with gorgeous interior and outstanding food, but they’re not cheap. Yes, they should still be enjoyed, but only if you can afford it. There’s no point overspending on something that’s going to leave you feeling stressed!

Central Park View

$6 margaritas can be found

The good news is that not everything in NYC is overpriced. Head to the East Village and, in particular, Wicked Willy’s for a casual night of drinking and dancing. Moving away from Times Square to lower Manhattan should also result in lower prices for drinks!

You can never have too much pizza

Pizza’s always been a favourite of mine and New York certainly knows how to do good pizza! There are thousands of restaurants in NYC and you won’t struggle to find one serving pizza, but there are also plenty of stands selling $1 slices. When it’s this cheap, how can you ever have too much?!

Or bagels

Bagels are something that I eat more of since my time in New York, and much like pizza, the city knows how to do bagels right. Murray’s is a favourite of mine for a tasty breakfast bagel, and I could definitely have one every day.

Learn from everyone

As well as having a wide range of things to see/do, NYC also has such a wide range of people and characters. Being in the city allowed me to be surrounded by people that I normally wouldn’t be and gave me the chance to learn something new from each of them.

Staten Island Ferry View

Everyone is Scottish or Irish

Being a Scottish person in New York, definitely caught the local’s attention because everyone is Scottish or Irish! Almost everyone I met wasted no time in telling me all about their Scottish/Irish roots and this happened on the street, on the subway, in shops, at work… anywhere!

Don’t take anything for granted

Spending 6 months in New York made me realise how lucky I am and not to take any opportunities for granted. Time is precious, so enjoy every minute and make sure to make the most of your time in such an iconic city.

Dreams do come true

Having grown up watching a lot of American T.V shows, and being a huge fan of Friends, meant that living in New York had always been a dream of mine. However, the older I got the more the dream seemed to slip further and further away. Being in NYC reminded me that dreams can come true, we just have to chase them!

Northside Pier View

3 thoughts on “What NYC Taught Me

  1. last april I was for the first time in NY and had such a good time, I came sure I could live there 🙂 you were so lucky to have the chance to spend there 6 months 🙂 and yeah, bagels are never enough ahah PedroL

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