Ostara Cafe, Edinburgh

Ostara Cafe had been on my list of places to visit in Edinburgh for a while, but if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t have super high hopes. It’s not a place that I had heard a lot about, so I wasn’t sure how good it would be. Boy was I wrong. For me, Ostara has been the biggest hidden gem I’ve come across this year in Edinburgh. It’s perfect for a casual brunch or lunch at the weekend because it has a very relaxed vibe, in a bright setting with friendly staff.

Katie and I visited on a Saturday for brunch and I was looking forward to enjoying the next couple of hours in a lovely restaurant space. However, after glancing over the menu, I was more excited about the brilliant variety on offer. One of the best things about Ostara is that it has such a different selection of brunch items, I found this extremely refreshing and I was becoming even more intrigued by this delightful cafe.

Ostara Cafe - Bruscetta

It took me quite a while to decide what to have because there are so many delicious sounding options. The bruschetta, kimchi scramble and masala dosa all caught my eye, and that was before I noticed the specials. I decided to go for the bruschetta because it was the first item that I fancied, and Katie was having the masala dosa, so I knew I could steal a taste of hers! I ordered the bruschetta with a side of smoked sea-trout to satisfy my love of seafood. I also ordered a green juice, which was great for sipping on whilst we waited for the food to arrive. It wasn’t the speediest meal, but we were enjoying a relaxed Saturday morning, so it didn’t matter to us. When the food arrived, it was presented beautifully, and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. The bruschetta was full of colour, full of flavour and I couldn’t get enough of it; the added smoked trout was a winning combination for me.

I did manage to try Katie’s, and if I wanted to have something other than bruschetta on my next visit, I would definitely order this; it was incredibly tasty! We also ordered a brownie to share for dessert, which I really enjoyed, but the savoury dishes were the highlight for me.

After having such a fantastic brunch experience, the supper menu on a Friday and Saturday has been added to my list to try!


Atmosphere – 5
Food – 5
Price – 4
Service – 4

Total – 18/20

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