Holiday Hair with KMS & Mathew Watt Hair

August might be over, but that doesn’t mean holiday season has to be! I’ve been back from California for 4 weeks and I’m already on the 8-week countdown to my Europe trip. One must-have for any holiday is good hair care and KMS has all your needs sorted…

KMS Holiday2

Before every holiday, I pay a visit to Mathew Watt Hair, to make sure I’m looking my best, and my hair has been treated properly, before a couple of weeks in the sun. This time, I left with a few products that would help my hair stay in good condition throughout the whole holiday. For Mathew’s quick guide to these products click here, and I’ll be explaining my experience of the products below…

KMS Holiday3

Moist Repair Shampoo

KMS Holiday5

There’s no doubt that the sunshine makes my hair feel dry and tired, so when Mathew told me about KMS’ Moist Repair Shampoo, I was more than happy to give it a go! I was advised that it works for any hair: coloured, damaged, fine or even thick. It’s meant to send moisture to the parts of the hair that need it most throughout the day, and repair the hair, as well as moisturise. I found this to be true because I definitely didn’t think my hair was as dry as normal on holiday; it felt much smoother and I love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner!

Moist Repair Conditioner

The conditioner uses the same technology as the shampoo to add moisture to the hair. Mathew’s instructions were to apply a tiny bit of conditioner, because it’s such a good product, and it should be applied after 1 or 2 washes (I usually do 2, to make sure all the sand and sea-salt is gone!). Apply the conditioner from mid-length down to the ends and leave for 2-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Moist Repair Revival Crème

This was described to me as moisturiser for the hair, which adds shine (again, great for dry holiday hair!). This can be used in different ways, which makes it a great product for taking on your travels; 1 tube, multi-purpose. It protects from sun damage during the day and can be applied more than once because it’s very lightweight. It also doesn’t need to be blow dried in to the hair, it can be left to dry naturally, which suits me perfectly, especially on holiday! In the evening it can be used as a styling product or apply from mid-length to the ends and it will give a nice finish to a blow dry.

Hair Play Makeover Spray

KMS Holiday9

Dry shampoo is essential for any trip away and Hair Play can be used similarly to dry shampoo. It soaks up any oils and cleanses the hair, so that you don’t need to wash it every morning and night. I used it most as a means of adding texture to my hair and creating a beach wave look during the day, but it also has a little bit of a hold, so it was also useful to add a light spray over an evening hair style.

KMS Holiday10

All of these products were great on holiday, but they were also super handy whilst travelling. If you can get your hands on the smaller sized bottles, they are perfect for hand luggage. During long travelling times, you might have access to a shower and need to add a bit of life to your hair with the Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by the Revival Crème, or the Hair Play is great for a quick dry shampoo at the airport.

KMS Holiday8

KMS Holiday4

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