Edinburgh Experts: Fish ‘n’ Chips

The Expert: Niamh Docherty

Age: 26

Lived in Edinburgh: All my life

The Subject: Fish ’n’ Chips

Why do you love it?

It is my dad’s favourite dish and I think that has rubbed off on me. Plus I absolutely love chips and it feels like a real treat.

How often do you eat it?

Once a month or every 2 months

How many Edinburgh restaurants have you had this from?



Where are your top 3 recommendations for the dish?

The Scran and Scallie, BBQ Chip Shop & Fox & Co.

What makes a great fish ’n’ chips?

Light batter and chippy sauce

What’s your alternative if it’s not on the menu?

Prawn linguini or a burger

You can only eat 1 fish ’n’ chips for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

BBQ Chip Shop

Is there somewhere you haven’t had this at yet, but want to try?

Anstruther Fish and Chip Shop

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