Edinburgh Experts: Steak

The Experts: Stuart Langlands & Christine Timmins 

Age: 27 & 26

Lived in Edinburgh: We both have lived in Edinburgh all of our lives

The Subject: Steak

Why do you love it?

We love Steak because we think it’s a delicious alternative to other meats. Steak to us, is a special meal and not something you have daily, so it’s great for date nights.  


How often do you eat it?

Probably 2x a month, sometimes more if there has been a Costco trip! 

How many Edinburgh restaurants have you had this from?

We have to say we have been to quite a few Edinburgh steak restaurants!

What are your top 3 recommendations for the dish? 

1. Medium (not too rare and not too overdone)

2. Roasted tomatoes and/or mac n cheese is a great accomplishment

3. We disagree with this 3rd one:

Stuart – LOVES béarnaise sauce and if this isn’t on the menu there’s no point going

Christine – a good steak doesn’t require any sauce, as the meat itself is tasty enough.

What makes a great steak?

The length it has been aged for.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

What’s your alternative if it’s not on the menu?

Stuart – Seafood (or another restaurant)

Christine – some other form of meat/fish dish.

You can only eat 1 steak for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Stuart – Fillet

Christine – Fillet (I’m not a fan of fat), but if we could share a chateaubriand I would!

Is there somewhere you haven’t had this at yet, but want to try?

Stuart – Miller and Carter 

Christine – I honestly think I’ve been most places in Edinburgh for a steak, but I haven’t been to Wildfire yet, so let’s go with that! 

Kyloe - Chateaubriand1

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