Edinburgh Experts: Eggs Benedict

The Eggspert: Katie Jeffrey

Age: 26

Lived in Edinburgh: About 4 years

The Subject: Eggs Benedict

Why do you love it?

I’m not sure. I love hollandaise sauce and ham and bread and (when poached) eggs. What’s not to love?!

I also think I love it so much because you normally know what you are getting when you order it.  I’d hate to go for brunch, the most important meal of the day, and hate what I’d ordered. Play it safe, stick with what you know!

Roseleaf - Eggs Benedict Barry Benny

How often do you eat it?

I go for brunch…. a lot.

How many Edinburgh restaurants have you had this from? 

Too many to count.

Where are your top 3 recommendations for the dish?

Being an eggspert, I can offer many recommendations for this dish. My main ones being – Ham NOT bacon, muffin NOT sourdough and plenty (plenty, plenty) of hollandaise sauce.

What makes a great eggs benedict

Runny eggs.  I’ve also recently discovered that pulled pork is delicious with hollandaise sauce (albeit I’m not sure that’s still considered eggs benedict). Or, if you’re at the Roseleaf in Leith they do a good black pudding eggs benny.

Whats your alternative if its not on the menu?

What do you mean it’s not on the menu? I’m not going (avocado on toast).

You can only eat 1 eggs benedict for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

I know the question asks for 1 but I’m picking 2 – Blue Bear, Cannonmills or The Ivy, St Andrews Square.

Blue Bear - Eggs Hector2

Is there somewhere you havent had this at yet, but want to try? 

The Ship on the Shore and Papii

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