Edinburgh Experts: Sandwiches

The Expert: Nicole Lowes

Age: 27

Lived in Edinburgh: Most of my life (except 3 yrs Dubai, 2 yrs Aberdeen and 1 yr USA)

The Subject: Sandwiches


Why do you love it?

What’s not to love? There is so much variety to suit your every mood – what meat? What sauce? What type of bread? Cheese or no cheese? The options are endless.

How often do you eat it?

I would eat them every day if I could! But I try to limit my bread and carb intake, so I probably treat myself to 2 a month. Unless I have a hangover, in that case I would need a sani even if I had already reached my quota.

How many Edinburgh restaurants have you had this from?

7 within the last year

Where are your top 3 recommendations for the dish?

Candy Bar


Urban Cafe

What makes a great sandwich?

RATIO! A dry sandwich is not a sandwich worth eating! Whether the moist maker is mayo, mustard, coleslaw or even cheese, there must be plenty.

What’s your alternative if it’s not on the menu?

If a sandwich is not an option, I would usually just go for a salad. No point wasting calories on something I don’t LOVE!

You can only eat 1 sandwich for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

This is a tough one, but I would have to say the Honey Roast Ham with mustard and coleslaw from Candy Bar


Is there somewhere you haven’t had this at yet, but want to try?

Hanks at Fountainbridge, I have heard great things!

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