24 Hours in Brighton

After visiting London quite a lot of times in our lives so far, Sam and I decided to take a day trip to Brighton on our last visit. It was my first time in Brighton, and it was a lovely summer’s day, so I was excited to see what this seaside town had in store…


The Lanes

The Lanes were my favourite part of Brighton because they were extremely charming and quaint. The narrowness of the Lanes gave them an old fashioned and traditional feel. Each Lane is filled with a variety of different shops: antiques, clothes, food and more. It was thoroughly enjoyable to wander through these and get lost around different corners.

The Lanes.jpg

Royal Pavilion

This is a beautiful building, which you can explore inside or admire from a far. After originally being built for the Royal Family in 1787, the Pavilion has become a popular tourist attraction in Brighton. It has a fascinating history and attractive grounds, which attract hundreds of thousands of people each year.


Brighton Palace Pier

The Pier is the first thing I think of when people mention Brighton, but it’s definitely not my favourite thing. It’s a must-see when in town because it’s fun, but it’s also tacky, crowded and expensive. However, if you bear all this in mind, you can accept the Pier for what it is and enjoy a day at the seaside.


The Regency

Did you even go to the seaside if you didn’t eat fish & chips? The Regency opened as a seafood restaurant in the 1930’s, so it’s been around for a while! Being one of Brighton’s oldest fish restaurants, means that it’s become a bit of an institution and serves a heck of a good meal. There are tables inside and out, so grab an outdoor one, order your fish & chips with a side of mushy peas and enjoy this delightful seaside eatery.

The Regency.jpg


You may recognise this name from the TV series, but if you haven’t visited, you need to! They are an art and design focused chocolatery that started in Brighton, so the shop is super fun to visit, not just because it’s filled with chocolate, but because the chocolate has been moulded in to amazing designs. It’s not the cheapest chocolate bar in the world, but I would definitely pay £10 for more stroopwaffles coated in white and milk chocolate. *drools*.


Roly’s Fudge

When walking past Roly’s, you won’t not be able to go inside, because the smell is amazing. They make the fudge in store, which is where the fabulous smells come from and there are lots of different of flavours to choose from. You’ll find Roly’s in the Lanes and make sure to pop in for delicious chocolate fudge in pretty packaging.

Roly's Fudge.jpg

Boho Gelato

A visit to the beach isn’t complete without some ice cream and Boho knows how to make good ice cream. You might have to queue, but that just shows how good it is, and it’s definitely worth the wait. I’m sure all of the flavours are great, but the salted caramel was insanely good!

Boho Gelato.jpg

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