6 Prague Bars for Different Occasions

Prague is a very beautiful city, full of history and culture, but the Czech Republic is also the country that drinks the most beer. This means that Prague is a popular destination for anyone looking to have a beer or 10! Here is a list of bars that we visited on our girl’s trip last year…

Fat Cat

This was the first bar we visited, and it had the perfect relaxed atmosphere that we were looking for on a cold afternoon. From the outside, it didn’t look particularly big, but it was quite deceiving because it was much bigger than I thought. There are different seating areas and it was easy enough for us to find a table for 9, so Fat Cat is good for groups. They also offer beer towers, which made it simple for us to order and it was a fun way for us to enjoy our beers.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat is located just off of the Old Town Square and is a good place to stop after a morning of exploring the Old Town.


Are you looking for a quiet drink with your partner? Are you looking for somewhere to drink test tubes of Jägermeister until you fall over? Popocafepetl is suitable for both of the above! There are different branches, but we visited the Italska one, which is a basement bar with an intimate feel. We thought we would just go in for one, but we managed to secure our own snug area and we definitely had more than one drink…

A post shared by Popocafepetl Karolíny Světlé (@popocafepetl_ks) on Popcafepetl is a great place to head to after a delicious dinner at Dish Fine Burger Bistro, which is just around the corner.

Karlovy Lazne

This is the biggest music club in central Europe, with 5 clubs over 5 floors. I’m not a huge fan of dance music, but each level has different music, so there’s something for everyone. There’s even an ice bar!

A post shared by Karlovy Lazne Official (@karlovylazne) on Karlovy Lazne is a place to experience in the early hours of the morning, when you’ve already had a few drinks.

Malostranska Pivnice

This isn’t the best pub we went to, but it had a nice atmosphere. There service wasn’t very friendly –  don’t eat the pretzels, they’re not free – so don’t expect to be welcomed in, but it’s fun to sit outside after a day of sightseeing.

A post shared by Malostranska Pivnice (@malostranskapivnice) on Visit Malostranska Pivnice after you’ve been to the Franz Kafka Museum because it’s close by and serves beer.

The Pub

The Pub is so much fun! There are different locations over Europe and I first visited one in Berlin, on a trip with Sam, and I knew straight away it was perfect for a big group. When you walk in there are lots of tables with self-service beer taps and a big screen showcasing how many pints each table has had. There’s a bit of competition with the larger tables as you move up or down on the big screen depending on the amount of beer you’ve drunk, which adds banter between the different tables.

A post shared by The PUB Praha 1 (@thepubprague) on If you’re in a group all looking to drink as much beer as you can, or even just a couple looking to practise your pint pouring, The Pub is your place.

Déjà Vu

I don’t know where to start… We happened to be in this bar whilst there were St Nicholas celebrations taking place, so we were all handed devil horns and, from there, the night started to get a bit blurry. There’s a lot of small tables, but we managed to get our own private area, where we set up camp for the evening. We arrived during happy hour and the drinks continued to flow. The staff were exceptionally efficient – we never wanted for drinks, and the bar got busier as the night went on, without being jam packed.

Deja Vu

If you’re in the mood for dancing the night away, Déjà Vu is a great night out after dinner by the river.

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