Spitaki, Edinburgh

Greek food is something that I’m becoming more and more fond of, so I was thrilled when Sam suggested a Friday night dinner at Spitaki, because I had heard good things about this Bonnington based restaurant. You would have to know about Spitaki to dine here, it’s in a very random location, with no other bars or restaurants around, so it’s not really the kind of place you stumble upon. However, it’s not massive inside, so the fact that there are not lots of people walking in off the street is a good thing because there’s more space for me!

Spitaki - Wine

We had a table booked for 8pm, but when we arrived there seemed to be some kind of mix up and we were asked to have a seat at the bar whilst we waited. This was fine because it gave us a chance to look over the menu and order some drinks. Sam opted for the Greek white wine, which came in a metal jug and was very enjoyable, but unfortunately, I was driving. I expected to only have to wait 10 minutes, but it was 30 minutes before we were seated; it was very busy, but we had booked a table. The staff were friendly and told us our drinks were on the house, but we weren’t really sure what the issue was. However, we ordered whilst at the bar, so once we were at our table it wasn’t too long before the food started to come out.


We had ordered a selection of dishes to share and decided on a smokey aubergine dip (Melitzanosalata), with some pita to dip in, butter beans in a tomato sauce (Gigantes), pan fried Kefalotyri cheese (Cheese Saganaki), calamari and chicken souvlaki. Although that would have been plenty, we threw in a lamb and orzo dish, which was a special and sounded too good not to try. All of the food comes out as and when it’s ready, so you always have something to nibble on and you’re not faced with everything at once. I thoroughly enjoyed everything and there wasn’t one dish that I didn’t like – it was great to have a variation. The dip was an excellent starting point because it wasn’t too heavy. I love all cheese, but Kefalotyri is yummy and the beans were a great accompaniment to this. The calamari were incredible, they had just the right amount of batter to make the squid crispy, but there was lots more succulent squid than light batter, so the ratio was ideal for me. Both the chicken and lamb were delicious, but I was getting pretty full by this stage.

Spitaki - Lamb Orzo

When I visit Spitaki again, I would be torn whether to order these same dishes again or whether try more of the tasty sounding options on the menu. I’ll definitely be back because I had a lovely evening, which (apart from the slightly odd start), was a brilliant dining experience. The restaurant is modelled after a Greek Taverna, so it feels very intimate with wooden furniture, white and blue décor and fairy lights sprinkled around. If you’re looking for an Edinburgh Greek or Mediterranean restaurant, Spitaki will be the first recommendation that comes to mind. For 2 people to indulge in plenty of food and a some wine, we left only £40 down.



Atmosphere – 4
Food – 4.5
Price – 4.5
Service – 3

Total – 16/20

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