Diablo Loco, Edinburgh


I can be very picky when it comes to Mexican food because it’s my favourite. When I first heard that Diablo Loco was opening, I wasn’t in a rush to try it; the menu screamed standard Tex-Mex to me and Edinburgh has some great Mexican restaurants. However, a group of 6 of us were catching up for food and drinks after work last month and Diablo Loco was where we chose. I had been eyeing up the Baja Fish Tacos on the menu all day, so I was looking forward to the meal ahead.

Diablo Loco

The restaurant is large inside and definitely has a pub grub feel about it; I normally prefer more intimate restaurants, but this was ideal for a group of us and it had an extremely laid-back feel, which is just what you need after work on a Friday. There was a huge variation of people in Diablo Loco: people grabbing a bite after a workout, people in suits after work and people ready for a night on the town. I liked this because it added to the chilled vibe. As well as being a fan of Mexican food, I love tequila and in particular margarita’s, so I wasted no time ordering the Tommies Margarita. It was very tasty, and I had to be careful, not to finish it all in a few sips!

Diablo Loco - Queso Flameado2

The menu is quite large, but fish tacos are my favourite, so I knew I wanted those. After some deliberation amongst the table, we decided to order a selection of food to share, which I was more than happy with. We chose the Quesa Flameado, Nachos Locos, Pork Belly Croquettes, Baja Fish Tacos, Conchinita Pork Pibil Tacos and Yucatan-Style Chicken Tacos. All of the food was just brought out as and when it was ready, which was ideal for group dining and it didn’t take long for everything to arrive. The queso was definitely flaming, our waitress set it on fire at the table and we tucked in to the molten, delicious cheese. The nachos had a good amount of topping too – this is sometimes a worry because who wants mainly dry tortilla chips?! The fish tacos were my personal favourite (although that came as no surprise), but the rest of the table also vouched for their yumminess. All the dishes were great and I enjoyed trying a bit of everything – I would recommend this style of dining when visiting Diablo Loco.

Diablo Loco - Fish Tacos

Diablo Loco is a good edition to the Edinburgh Mexican Restaurant scene because it’s a bar serving Mexican food, which means you can chose to come in for a drink, a drink and nibbles or a full meal. The size of the bar and restaurant also makes it a good place for groups; some of the other Mexican’s can be pretty hard to get a table in because of their size. The atmosphere was fun, the food tasty, reasonably priced and there were no issues with the service, All of this combined meant that we had a lovely evening eating and drinking at Diablo Loco.


Atmosphere – 4
Food – 4
Price – 4
Service – 3

Total – 15/20

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