8 Places to Eat in Dubai

Dubai is a very westernised place, so when Sam and I visited earlier this year, we dined at a mix of different restaurants, serving various cuisines. Here’s where we ate in Dubai…



Where: Atlantis The Palm

Visit For: Upmarket Brunch

I couldn’t start this list without beginning with, not only my favourite meal in Dubai, but my favourite meal ever. You can read my full review here , but we had our first ever Dubai Brunch experience at Nobu and it was incredible. We opted for the unlimited Champagne package and spent 4 hours indulging in food and drink. Everything was outstanding, but some of my highlights include: black cod yuzu miso, scallop nigiri, yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño and soft-shell crab.


Where: Jumeirah Beach

Visit For: Breakfast at the Beach

2 of my friends lived in Dubai for a few years, so when Niamh and Nicole recommended Eggspectation for breakfast, I knew I had to check it out. The menu is massive, and everything sounds delicious, but Nicole had specifically mentioned the Bravocado, so I made my decision easy by ordering that! This dish consisted of 2 poached eggs on half an avocado with a tomato sauce and parmesan and cheddar cheese. There was also a heap of Lyonnaise-style potatoes, which went deliciously with the sauce. I loved this meal; there was lots of food, but it wasn’t too heavy, and the lightly spiced tomato sauce was a great addition. Eggspectation is a great location for having some food before a day at the beach and you can look out to the water.



Where: Hilton Jumeriah

Visit For: Lunch at the Beach

When you’re sunbathing at the beach, no one wants to venture too far for lunch, especially if you continue to sunbathe afterwards. The menu at Wavebreaker offers a mix of classic lunch dishes, so there’s something for everyone. My go to lunches on holiday seem to be club sandwiches or Caesar salads, this time I went for the former. My sandwich was stuffed with chicken, mayonnaise, veal bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a fried egg, and it was served with salad and fries. It was very filling and a good sized portion to fuel up for a tiring day at the beach – it’s a hard life!


Where: Majestic Hotel

Visit For: Romantic Greek Food

We sat outside in what felt like a small courtyard and the design is very fitting for the Greek theme. With lots of greenery and wood surroundings, the restaurant felt very secluded, even though it was situated in a busy hotel just off the main road. Sam and I shared lots of different dishes, which is my favourite kind of meal! Some of the fantastic food we had included tzatziki dip, fried halloumi, grilled calamari and grilled chicken souvlaki. This was a good place to eat quite a light meal in a beautiful setting.

Texas Roadhouse


Where: Dubai Mall

Visit For: Post Shopping Casual Steak

I became a fan of Texas Roadhouse when Sam and his family introduced me to this restaurant in America. It’s completely relaxed, with big bags of monkey nuts and people throwing the shells on the floor. Dubai Mall has lots of food options, but if you want a hearty, chilled meal, after a day of shopping, then look no further. My go to order is the boneless buffalo wings to start, followed by the Dallas fillet. There are also a range of sides to accompany your steak, including some insane fully loaded baked potatoes!

Al Mallah

Where: Al Dhiyafa Road

Visit For: Casual Middle Eastern Food

Every meal we had in Dubai was so different and excellent in their own way, but this was one of my stand outs because it was local cuisine. There are a few different Al Mallah’s throughout Dubai, but the one on Al Dhiyafa is a cafeteria style restaurant, situated on a street corner. It’s quite small inside with lots of tables out on the street. We started our meal with some hummus and the waiter also brought us complimentary falafel. We then shared a chicken shawarma wrap and a mixed grill. All the food was incredible; it was definitely the best hummus I’ve eaten! The fresh juices are also delicious.



Where: Jumeirah Beach

Visit For: Afternoon Fro-Yo

Having spent quite a bit of time in America, Sam and I (especially Sam) have become quite fond of frozen yoghurt, and Menchies is my favourite Fro-Yo stop! It’s self service, which means that you can add as much or as little of the flavours you want to your tub. Although the Fro-Yo is tasty, my favourite part is the toppings! Once you have your yoghurt sorted, there is a station filled with lots of different sweet toppings, and there is a mix of chocolate and fruit options. This is the perfect dessert for having a stroll along the boardwalk during a sunbathing break.



Where: Dubai Mall

Visit For: Post Shopping Dessert

Sam had been to Coldstone on a couple of previous Dubai visits and always spoke about how good it was. We headed to Dubai Mall to watch the Fountains after dinner and picked up some dessert from this ice creamery. Because we had recently had dinner we were just getting one to share between us, but I didn’t realise how big one is – it was enough for 4! We chose a chocolate cone, with banana ice cream, which was then mixed together in front of us with cookie dough and peanut butter. It was amazing, and I can totally understand why Sam rates it so highly, just make sure you’re very hungry when you get here.

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