Finsbay Flatiron, Glasgow

Finsbay Flatiron is the newest restaurant from Scottish Rugby stars Alistair Kellock and Stuart Hogg, so if you’re a follower of the team, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and if not, you’re missing out!

Normally my steak of choice is fillet, but I visited Flat Iron in London last year and loved it. When I heard about Finsbay Flatiron, I had my fingers crossed I would like it just as much. 4 of us booked a table for last Saturday and it was busy when we arrived at 7.30pm. I really enjoyed the layout of the restaurant, which was almost split in 2; it means that there is plenty of seating but the area you’re in feels more intimate. The atmosphere was also very enjoyable because the interior is filled with a lot of wood and stone on display, which makes for a very relaxed setting, rather than an overly formal one. The staff were also relaxed, but very friendly and attentive, which made us feel welcome from the outset.

The main item on the menu is obviously the flat iron steak, but there is also a sirloin, or they do burgers as specials. We were recommended the flat iron medium-rare, and if we preferred our meat cooked more, we were advised to order the sirloin. Our waitress also suggested 1 or 2 sides per person; she was very forthcoming with recommendations, which I always find helpful. It didn’t take us long to decide, we all chose the flat iron steak and we ordered a mountain of sides to share. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies when we ordered frites, parmesan & hollandaise double dip chips, 2 mac n cheese, 2 black pudding, haggis & macaroni bon bons, market greens and rocket and parmesan salad. We also selected a bottle of Argentinian Malbec to accompany our meal.

Finsbay Flatiron
It didn’t take too long for everything to arrive and I knew straight away that we were going to have quite the feast ahead of us. The steak was a good-sized piece of meat, with salt flakes on top, which I love, and a rocket garnish. The sides were generous portions, so we could definitely have ordered less but considering we got steak, wine and lots of sides for under £30, I didn’t feel too bad about over ordering! The steak was delicious and for only £8 Monday to Thursday or £10 at the weekend, it’s a fantastic price. The sides were all very yummy but the stand out for me had to be the black pudding, haggis & macaroni bon bons, it’s such a genius combination.

Finsbay Flatiron was a lovely way to spend our Saturday night. I could have sat all evening eating delicious food and soaking up the ambience, which was helped by the great music they were playing. I really couldn’t fault anything about my meal and I’ll definitely be back; they also do a Sunday Roast that I am dying to try. It’s safe to say that Finsbay Flatiron most certainly lived up to my high expectations.


Atmosphere – 4
Food – 4.5
Price – 5
Service – 4

Total – 17.5/20

One thought on “Finsbay Flatiron, Glasgow

  1. I am enjoying your blog in preparation for our 2 weeks in Scotland including Edinburgh and Glasgow in June.

    Would you blog about affordable, traveler-priced restaurants in those 2 cities?


    Tommy Abernathy

    Alabama, USA


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