9 Edinburgh Sandwich Shops

My perfect weekday lunch is a salad bar, somewhere that I can grab a quick salad or sandwich, with the fillings of my choice. When I first started working in Edinburgh I had my one spot, but when I changed jobs I was most concerned about where I would eat lunch! Luckily, I’ve now managed to suss out a few of the sandwich shops…


200 Rose Street

When I moved to Edinburgh, I started working on Frederick Street and Wolfits quickly became my most frequented lunch destination. I visited here so often that my order differed daily, but the salad boxes were always a big hit with me.


My go to would be couscous, peppers, sweetcorn and pineapple, with one of the different chicken mixes on top. The honey mustard dressing is yummy, and I quite often get this on the couscous before I add any toppings.

Deli Fresco

41 Leith Street

I now work at the east end of Princes Street and Deli Fresco is my local lunch stop. They have a selection of sandwich ideas on a board, but you can also create your own from the different ingredients. They don’t advertise salad boxes, but they have them, so just ask for any of the ideas in a box or make up your own salad.

Deli Fresco - Salad Box.jpg

The Caesar chicken wrap is delicious; I also have this as a salad sometimes or I create my own salad with lettuce, peppers, tomato and the cor-limey chicken (lime and coriander).

Graze on Grassmarket

67 Grassmarket

With many sandwich places it’s easy to latch on to your favourite, but Graze has so many ingredients that it’s pretty impossible to have the same thing twice. As well as the standard greens and meats, they also have a variety of different additions, such as a chickpea and cranberry dish, which is incredible.


Green beans, garlic mushrooms, brie, falafel and smoked salmon are just a glimpse of the items you can have from the salad God that is Graze on Grassmarket.


4 Greyfriars Place

Oh my, I’m literally obsessed with the coronation chicken toasted ciabattas from Bobby’s. They have sandwiches already made up in the fridge, but you can also ask for something to be created, if it’s not there. I always add cheese to my ciabatta before I get it toasted – for extra yumminess!

Bobby's Sandwich Shop - Coronation Chicken.jpg

My Bobby’s order is certainly not the healthiest, but they have plenty of options depending on what mood you’re in and my friend Christine raves about the soup.


32 Lady Lawson Street

In between the Grassmaket and Lothian Road are offices, shops and Peppers. It’s not the largest sandwich shop, but it’s extremely friendly and the food is tasty. They have ideas on a board, but you can also create your own. I’ve only been once, and I chose the Sunshine Wrap because it was a rather cold Scottish day.

Peppers - Sunshine Wrap.jpg

This included chicken, peppers, onion and salad, but the pièce de résistance was the mustard mayo, which turned an average lunch into a great one.


162 Fountain Bridge

Hank’s has sandwiches down to a tee. They have lots of different specials every day, but they’re always incredible and each one comes with a salad. The salads are interesting and tasty – not your average mixed leaf.


The chilli beef panini is one of my favourites, accompanied by the broccoli salad. I’ve never had anything I didn’t like here, and I’ve certainly never felt hungry afterwards.

Fox & Co

11-13 William Street

Sam took me for my first Fox & Co experience because he would sometimes come home from work with left over burritos, and even cold they were divine!

Fox & Co Catering - Chicken Mayo Wrap.jpg

For me the burritos are a definite highlight, but there are also plenty of sandwich options for you to choose from or make up.

Bite Me

167 Morrison Street

Bite me is situated in a good location with lots of offices nearby, but also hotels and the EICC, so it appeals to both a corporate and leisure clientele. Inside, Bite Me is quite big and spacious, with the salad counter sitting prominently and some tables off to the side.

Bite Me - Salad.jpg

They have ideas for sandwiches advertised, but you can also create your own. The salads are big, so I definitely feel that I get my money’s worth. I’m a big fan of the falafel with hummus, roasted red peppers & herby olives salad.

Vigo Deli

2A Roseburn Terrace

Sam also introduced me to Vigo’s, and I can see why it’s a popular lunch destination for him. The Mexican chicken toasted wraps are a must-try, but only if you like spicy food; you may want to add some cheese to this as well.

Vigo's - Mexican Chicken Wrap.jpg

I’ve also tried a salad box, which you can make up yourself and it was very tasty. In addition to the sandwich bar, Vigo’s have a café, and the black and blue salad here is divine.

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