6 Trips from Manhattan

For me, there is no greater place that New York and the main reason is the amount there is to do, across so many different areas.


Getting to Brooklyn from Manhattan is half the fun because you get to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. You can walk or cycle across and either way you get to enjoy brilliant views. Once you arrive in Brooklyn head to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade where you can take in the amazing Manhattan skyline.

Coney Island is a fun filled afternoon in Brooklyn and it’s suitable for all ages – I spent my 22nd birthday here! Coney Island features Luna Park, which is an amusement park with various rides and attractions. You can also stroll along the boardwalk, relax on the beach or enjoy a hot dog from Nathan’s Famous.

Williamsburg is a cool area to explore, with a lot of great bars and restaurants. One you’re finished your Williamsburg adventure, make your way to Northside Pier where you can catch the ferry back across to Manhattan; travelling at sunset makes for a fantastic sight.

Northside Pier View


To me, Queens will always be about sport. Whenever I’ve visited it’s been for either a Mets game or for the New York Open. Even without the sport, Flushing Meadows – Corona Park is a beautiful location because of the large green space.

New York Open

Whether you’re watching a home run, Andy Murray ace his opponent or playing some pitch and putt, Flushing Meadows is an afternoon well spent.

The Bronx

If you’re more of a Yankees fan, than a Mets one, you need to be in the Bronx. The Yankees are an iconic part of New York and one I think all visitors should soak up – it’s a fantastic evening out!

Make a reservation at Dominick’s for before or after the game, so that you can soak up more of the Bronx culture. The restaurant made a huge impression on me and even made it in to my 8 of the Best NYC Restaurants list. I can’t recommend the artichoke dip and chicken parmigiana enough and once your finished, take a walk through Arthur Avenue (what locals call ‘the real Little Italy’) and find a spot for coffee and cannoli.

Staten Island

Staten Island1

I’m sure Staten Island is more than just the ferry, but the ferry is my favourite part! First of all, it’s free transportation, so what’s not to love about that? Secondly, the views over to Manhattan on the journey are incredible. I took the journey a number of times, whilst in New York and found it just as enjoyable on every occasion.

The Hamptons

Once accomplishing the 5 boroughs you might want to venture a bit further. Out past Queens, you will come to Long Island. Here you will find plenty of beaches to chill out on, but the most famous are the Hamptons. If you were a Gossip Girl fan (like me), you will know that the Hamptons have a reputation of being for the rich, but us regular people can visit too. Sag Harbor is a beautiful spot to lie on the beach and enjoy a nice lunch.

The Hamptons1

I was also a big fan of Revenge, so I appreciated the nice walk out to Montauk Lighthouse before indulging in a wine or 2 at Wölffer Estate Winery. I loved the peace and quiet of the Hamptons and it’s a great place to escape to from Manhattan.

The Hamptons2

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls2

The furthest road trip I took whilst spending 6 months in New York, was the 6 hour and 30 minute drive to Niagara Falls. Although it was a long journey, it was also a lot of fun and definitely worth doing. Having visited both the American and Canadian side now, the views are better from Canada, but when I visited from New York it was my first experience of the Falls and it is still an incredible sight from any direction.

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