7 Reasons to Visit the Isle of Skye in Winter

  1. Less People

For me this is the most important reason. From May to September Skye is jam packed, so visiting in winter means that there is less people and more breathing room to take in the beautiful island at your own pace. Imagine having the Quiraing all to yourself!


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  1. Accommodation

You can actually get a bed! It’s incredibly difficult to get accommodation on Skye during the summer because it’s such a popular destination. Many people can’t get on to the island, simply because there’s no space. Visiting in winter means that you can get a room, pay a reasonable price and support local businesses during their quieter periods.

  1. Get off the Beaten Track

Less people means more space on the roads and a chance for you to visit the smaller sites off of the main roads, without there being an overload of cars there already. This includes popular attractions like the Fairy Pools and more undiscovered sites, such as Kilmuir Graveyard.

St Columba's.jpg

  1. Dramatic Scenery

No matter the time of year, Skye’s coast and mountains are incredibly dramatic, but during winter they appear even more vivid with the contrast of the white snow and dark rock. The darker skies with areas of blue popping through can also add to the intense atmosphere.

Lealt Falls1.jpg

Lealt Falls2.jpg

  1. Sunrises & Sunsets

Although during winter the days are shorter it’s much easier to catch the sunrise because you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. It stays light quite late on in the summer, with barely any darkness, so again it can be hard to catch the sunset because it can happen through the night.

Neist Point1.jpg

Neist Point2.jpg

Head to Neist Point, which is the most westerly point on Skye and is beautiful at any time of day, but even more so with a sunset as the backdrop.

  1. Eat in Style

Visiting in the quieter season means more chance of a table at the highly rated Three Chimney’s restaurant. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to dine here yet, but I’ve had the privilege of hearing the owner, Shirley talk at an event and her passion for Scottish food is evident. Having drooled over both the regular and tasting menus, the Three Chimney’s is high on my list of places to eat in Scotland!

  1. Get to Know the Locals

During the peak months, the locals are bombarded with tourists on their island, so it would be no surprise if they weren’t in the friendliest of moods. When the quieter season comes around locals will have much more time to tell their tales and give you plenty of recommendations for the best spots on the island.


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