Barcelona: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Barcelona is a hub for tourists, but it’s also a great city for business. Because there are so many cultures in one place, it makes Barcelona a brilliant destination for food at any time of day. Luckily, we had family and friends in Barcelona to show us around some great eateries…



As soon as Sam and I arrived in Barcelona, the first thing on our minds was food! We were taken to Sirvent, which was ideal for a group of 6 of us. There’s a huge menu here, but it’s also full of different breakfast options – not just avocado on toast. I’m a big eggs benedict fan, but Sirvent switched this up from the usual version and offered crab cake benedict, which of course I had to order.


I enjoyed the food here and there’s a chance to try horchata, which is a drink originating from Valencia and is a mixture of nuts, water and sugar. At Sirvent you can try a ‘Cuban’, which is horchata with ice cream.

Flax and Kale

This was Sam’s favourite meal in Barcelona. He’s not an egg or smoked salmon fan, so his go to breakfast choice is avocado on toast, but Flax and Kale serve up a mean avocado toast. Sam also ordered the crunchy fish tacos, which included tuna, white cabbage, coriander and spring onion; this was from the Super Breakfast menu and was incredible.


The weekend brunch menu has more on offer and I chose the salmon sashimi toast, which was very tasty! The setting at Flax and Kale is fantastic because they have plenty of seats, but in lots of different areas – we sat on the rooftop terrace.

Flax and Kale2.jpg


Brunch & Cake

Similarly to Flax and Kale, Brunch & Cake can be a breakfast or lunch spot (brunch if you will). This was my favourite meal of the trip – it still makes my mouth water. Again, Sam opted for avocado toast, but this time it was served with muesli and fruit salad.


I chose the scrambled egg burger, which was topped with smoked salmon and hummus. The added hummus turned an average meal into an incredible one that I thoroughly enjoyed. My burger was served with yoghurt, strawberries and marshmallow on the side; everything at Brunch & Cake is very aesthetically pleasing.


La Taguara Areperia

Arepas are a Latin American dish that is popular in Venezuela. It is maize flour dough, which is then used to make sandwiches. La Taguara Areperia is a good spot for a quick lunch because it’s delicious fast food. Sam and I ordered a couple to share and really enjoyed our first experience of arepas. Here you will find a mixture of traditional and more modern fillings, but each sound as delicious as the next.

La Taguara Areperia.jpg

The tequenos were my highlight because who doesn’t love bread and cheese?!


La Luna

I heard about La Luna through the Saints on a Plane Instagram page and thought the food looked lovely. It’s a Spanish restaurant, with a mixture of traditional and modern tapas. The interior feels very warm and intimate and we had a very enjoyable meal here.

We chose various dishes to share and I enjoyed them all; it was great to have the mix of old and new tapas. My top picks would be the cod croquettes, calamari and chicken quesadillas.

La Dolca Herminia

Our final night in Barcelona we were taken to La Dolca Herminia for a traditional Mediterranean meal. Here you can order red wine or sangria and some patatas bravas and calamari to start, whilst deciding what to order for your main.


Without a shadow of a doubt everyone should eat the Spanish black rice, which is made of squid, seafood, rice and garlic, as well as other ingredients; the colour comes from the squid ink. We shared this amongst 4 of us and I also had the confit of cod – another delicious option.


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