Sticks’n’Sushi, London

Sticks’n’Sushi has been on my radar for a couple of years now, when I saw a friends Instagram post. We’ve never managed to make it on any of my visits to London, so when I headed down for work in January, I made sure we got a table. The restaurant is pretty big inside, but judging by our difficulty to get a table, always busy. It’s situated beside Covent Garden, so it’s a prime location and I was hoping great food to match! The ambience is lovely, and the dim lights help to make the room feel smaller than it is. All the tables are different shapes and sizes, including round ones, which are ideal for big groups.

Sticks n Sushi - Gala Platter1

Ross, Andrew and I settled down in to our corner and ordered a bottle of red wine whilst we decided what to order. They had both been here before, so I was happy for them to take the reigns when choosing. The menu is very sleek and attractive, with fabulous photos of incredible looking food. There is a huge selection, but I love the various platters, which give you a variety of items. We decided on the Gala and I was very excited for it to arrive! Included in the platter was:

Beef Tataki: Beef, smoked cheese, chives, almonds, yuzu-kosho & spicy goma

Edamame with spicy sauce

Hotate Kataifi: Scallops, kataifi, miso aïoli, trout roe & cress

Tuna tartare: Tuna, avocado, sesame, yuzu, miso & rice chips

Maki: Ebi panko and pink Alaska

Nigiri: Salmon, tuna and shrimp

Sticks: Chicken with chili & teriyaki, lamb chop with miso herb butter and duck breast with panko & wasabi caesar

Everything came out in stages, so we received the Edamame and the Hotate Kataifi first, both of which were a great start to the meal; the scallops were especially tasty. Without having to wait too long, the Beef Tataki, Tuna tartare, Maki and Nigiri were placed on the table. It was a huge portion, so I already felt like we had our money’s worth – Gala is £112 for 3 people. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like, but the Beef Tataki, Tuna tartare and Ebi panko maki were my highlights.

Sticks n Sushi - Gala Platter2

There seemed to be a bit of a long break between our sushi and sticks, but I was so full that I didn’t mind it. However, it became apparent that they had forgotten the sticks when our server asked if we had received them. I didn’t mind the wait because my stomach enjoyed the break, but it was much longer than you would expect in a restaurant. When our sticks finally arrived, they looked delicious and were huge portions of meat. Again, I enjoyed all 3 options, but I think my favourite was the duck. By the time we finished these I was beyond full!

Sticks n Sushi - Gala Platter3

Ross had been eyeing up the desserts since before we arrived, so we ordered 3 for £9, but you can get a taster of each for £30. Had I not eaten so much already, I could have been easily persuaded into this. We chose the fondant, yuzu sorbet and cheesecake. The sorbet was lovely and light, which was ideal for me! The fondant was deliciously indulgent, and the cheesecake was a good in between, so I feel like we made good choices.

Sticks n Sushi - Desserts

Sushi is always expensive, but for the amount we received, I thought the Gala was great value. Overall, my high expectations of Sticks’n’Sushi were definitely met and I would head here again for a sushi fix when in London.


Atmosphere – 5
Food – 4.5
Price – 4.5
Service – 3.5

Total – 17.5/20

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