7 Things to See in Prague

I’ve been to Prague a few times now, but always with different people and under different circumstances, so every experience has been completely different! From the times I have been, below are the things I would recommend seeing in Prague:

Old Town Square

One of the most famous sights of Prague is the Astronomical Clock, which is situated in the Old Town Square. When the clock strikes on the hour, there is a mechanical performance that has become known all over the world and is worth waiting a moment to see. Although, the show is nothing spectacular, being over 600 years old makes it very impressive.

Astronomical Clock1

Astronomical Clock2

Jewish Quarter

Travelling Europe is fantastic, but if you’re a history buff it’s even more fascinating. There’s so much history throughout the continent and Prague showcases that. Being one of many countries involved in WW2, means that the Jewish Quarter is an interesting and insightful place to visit. There are many beautiful synagogues in the area and the Jewish Museum is very moving.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a popular sight in Prague and is frequented by a lot of tourists. The bridge has 2 towers at either end, which give it an impressive entry and exit. The journey over the bridge provides brilliant views across the Vltava River and over to the castle.

Prague Castle1

There are also a number of small stalls selling souvenirs throughout the day, as well as tourists stopping to rub the statue of St. John of Nepomuk for good luck – there is plenty to see on Charles Bridge!

The Castle

Prague Castle is worth setting aside a bit of time for. The walk up to the castle was one of my favourite activities because of the views it gave over the city; the small side streets also gave me a very old fashioned European feel, which was the right set up for a castle that is a thousand years old.

View from Prague Castle

Once at the top there are many palaces and buildings to explore!

Piss Sculpture

Prague has some fascinating things to see, but I think the Piss Sculpture has to be one of the strangest. The sculpture shows 2 statues urinating into a small pool, shaped like the Czech Republic. These men are situated in the courtyard of the Kafka Museum, which is a museum dedicated to the author. However, if like me your name begins with a ‘K’ there is a gigantic one beside the Piss Sculpture that you can be photographed beside.

Cubist Lamppost

Another of Prague’s strange things to see is the Cubist Lamppost. Although it is something you see quickly, it’s the only cubist lamppost in the world, so it’s worth a short detour from Wenceslas Square, just to catch a glimpse.

Cubist Lamppost

Dancing House

If architecture is your thing, make sure to pass by the Dancing House, which is also know as ‘Fred & Ginger’. The name comes from the unique design of the building, which looks like 2 people dancing. This house wasn’t always well received because it wasn’t in line with the traditional buildings that make up the city of Prague, but I think it adds to the character!

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