The Herringbone, Edinburgh

I first visited the Herringbone in the later half of last year, with family who knew of the North Berwick restaurant. After finding success in North Berwick, The Herringbone opened up in Edinburgh and it seems to be enjoying the same popularity. On my first visit, there were 6 of us; a mixture of adults and kids. The restaurant has great, big windows that let in a lot of light and the restaurant is a good size, so it was easy enough to get a table. We booked last minute, during the week for dinner, and the adults were pleased to see that they were serving half priced cocktails Monday to Thursday! The Hugo is very refreshing, but there is also a significant wine list to choose from. The Herringbone has a sophisticated atmosphere, but they also have a kid’s menu, which makes it suitable for everyone.

The Herringbone - Black Pudding, Chorizo & Egg Salad.jpg

The menu is a mix of foods, including risotto, fish and burgers. For kids there is the choice of cod bites, chicken goujons or pasta, to name a few. On this first visit I opted for the black pudding and chorizo salad, which comes with poached eggs and crispy onions. I was happy with my choice, because it was filling, without being too heavy and great for a cold night.

My second visit was for sharing boards and wine; myself and 3 friends headed along on a Sunday in January for a relaxed afternoon. Our table was for 3pm and we hadn’t had anything to eat beforehand, so we were pretty hungry! We were given the option of 3 sharing boards, of which we could pick 2. We decided on the meat board and the vegetable board – omitting the fish one – we also chose 2 glasses of white and 2 glasses of red.

The food didn’t take long to arrive, and we dived right in. I love picking at food, so this was my ideal afternoon. The meat platter consisted of chicken skewers, pork belly and slices of ham. The veggie board had goats cheese crostini’s, onion bhajis with mango chutney, hummus and grilled apricots. Each board contained salad and olives and we were also provided with bread. The boards were good for grazing on and the mix of items were welcomed, but some extra hummus for the amount of bread would’ve also been welcome. For 4 people who hadn’t eaten, it wasn’t loads of food, but for £10 per person, there was a good amount. However, we decided to order the daily gourmet burger and the chargrilled chicken sandwich to share between us as extra. We also switched one of the regular fries for the truffle and parmesan fries.

The Herringbone.jpg

The burger was pork and black pudding with an egg on top. It was a good burger, but the chicken sandwich has been my favourite thing I’ve eaten from the Herringbone. The simple sandwich consisted of bacon, cheddar and red onion jam, but was very tasty! The truffle and parmesan fries were a delicious addition, but some extra parmesan would have made these even tastier.

The Herringbone doesn’t have my favourite menu in Edinburgh, but the food is good and the atmosphere and layout of the restaurant I really enjoy for lunch and dinner.


Atmosphere – 4
Food – 3.5
Price – 3.5
Service – 3.5

Total – 14.5/20

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