Hello Fresh vs. Gousto

Sam and I are terrible at food shopping and meal planning, which is probably why we end up eating out 3 nights a week. However, a couple of years ago we discovered Hello Fresh and we’ve been dipping in and out of using it since. Last year, we discovered Gousto and we started switching between the 2, depending on the menus.

Both of these you can sign up to and put boxes on hold until you want to order one for the week – just make sure you remember to pause the boxes you don’t want or you’ll be charged! We both lead quite busy lives, so if we’re not at home we pause the boxes, but if we’re both here then we place our order, which helps us save time and money, as well as eat healthier.


The price can change depending on what box and how many meals you order. Usually we choose the Classic Box with 3 meals for 2 people

Hello Fresh – £34.99

Gousto – £29.99

Winner – Gousto



I find apps the best way to keep track of our Hello Fresh and Gousto accounts.

Hello Fresh

The green logo on this app is smartly designed because it immediately reminds me of fresh plants and vegetables. The app itself is extremely easy to use when choosing meals and also skipping weeks. You can also use the app to see previous recipes you’ve ordered and favourite the meals you’ve enjoyed the most. However, it’s not so easy if you want to change boxes/meal amounts.


Gousto is very stream lined, with less options clogging up the toolbar, but I find that this can be difficult to know where to click to find the information you’re looking for. This app also shows recipes for dishes you’ve ordered previously, but you can’t favourite specific ones (or I certainly haven’t found this). Gousto seems to be easier to change the amount of meals each week than Hello Fresh.

Winner – Hello Fresh



Hello Fresh

Originally our Hello Fresh deliveries were coming via Yodel, but after having issues with receiving our boxes, they switched delivery company to DPD. Although, it’s never fun not receiving your dinner, Hello Fresh handled the situation well. The boxes for Hello Fresh arrive already separated into the different ingredients for each meal; I find this extremely helpful. Unfortunately, only this week, we received the wrong ingredients for one of our meals, which is less than helpful.


We’ve never had any issues with our deliveries from Gousto and it’s packaged all together with perishable and non-perishable items separated. Packaging the box like Hello Fresh would be helpful, but not essential.

Blackened Cod Tacos

Winner – Gousto



Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh has increased their menu selection, but it could still be improved with more options each week and a more varied range. The meals are relatively easy to make and the instructions simple to follow. 

Jamie's Baked Ricotta2
Jamie’s Baked Ricotta
Steak with Chipotle Sauce2
Steak with Chipotle Sauce


The weekly menus at Gousto are far more extensive than Hello Fresh, so although we use both companies for fresh food delivery, we migrate more frequently to Gousto because of choice. Gousto has around double the options for meals that Hello Fresh has, which is quite significant. We find ourselves having to whittle our options down because we like the sound of so many meals! Again, the recipes are fairly easy to follow.

Blackened Cod Tacos2
Blackened Cod Tacos
Indonesian Rice with Chicken Satay
Indonesian Rice with Chicken Satay

Winner – Gousto


Overall Winner – Gousto

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