Glasgow’s Six by Nico – Disney

After missing the previous 2 menus at Six by Nico, I was excited when Katie managed to get a table for the current Disney theme. 4 of us visited this weekend for a fun filled afternoon of food and drink. Normally each menu lasts 6 weeks, but due to popularity, Disney was extended an extra week. Unfortunately, the menu ends today, but it was a goody!

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On arrival we were seated at a table through the back, where we had a view of the kitchen via the T.V, showing the chefs preparing the food. Being 2pm, it would have been rude not to have a cocktail, and the Queen of Hearts instantly caught my eye with Raspberry Edinburgh Gin, Tonic and Love Hearts. We also opted to start with snacks, which was aptly named Rabbits Vegetable Garden. This included Crudites, Beetroot Hummus and Lime Creme Fraiche with Sourdough Bread, Whipped Butter and Kamalata Olives. This was a great start to the meal because it was light, but also easy to share.


The first course was based on the film Ratatouille and consisted of – surprisingly – ratatouille, but with a comte espuma and Dijon crumble. In general I’m not a big ratatouille fan, but the addition of the comte espuma and Dijon crumble was very welcome and made for a tasty dish.


Next up we were invited to a Mad Hatters Tea Party and it was a party I would definitely like to attend again! We were served Chicken & Tarragon ‘Sandwich’ with Mushroom Tea and a Truffle Empire Biscuit and I loved it; I might even go as far to say that the Empire Buscuit is the best thing I’ve eaten at Six by Nico – it was incredible.


I always look forward to the fish dishes because I think they will be my favourite, so I was excited for the Sword and the Stone, which was Stone Bass & Swordfish Ceviche with Miso Vinegerette, Avocado and Tapioca. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this course as much as I thought I would (but it didn’t stop me from eating Fran’s as well)! I thought there were a lot of flavours, which overpowered the fish and I was a bigger fan of the Stone Bass than I was of the Swordfish.


The fourth movie we explored was Lady and the Tramp and, much like the film, it was a hit. Angel Hair Pasta and Shellfish Bisque with a Seaweed Crumb were served with Sea Bream on top and the whole dish made a great combination. The Pasta was lovely and light, but soaked up the Shellfish Bisque, which created a tasty bite; the Sea Bream slotted in brilliantly to the dish and didn’t disguise the flavour of the Bisque.


Aladdin was perfectly named because of the Middle Eastern flavours. We received Lamb Belly with Prune, Pearl Cous Cous and Jasmine Tea and it was very filling. Lamb is a meat that I’m enjoying more and more and when it is cooked as perfectly as it was here, it’s hard to remember why I don’t eat it everyday. The sauce was quite rich, so the portion we received was enough for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed this course.


I’m always pretty full by the final dish, but being Beauty and the Beast it was nice and delicate. Focusing on the rose theme from the movie, this course was Rose Panna Cotta, Lychee, Almond Sponge and Pomegranate. For me, this was a great end to the meal because it was sweet, but not heavy. At some points the sponge seemed quite dry, so a little extra sauce would have gone down a treat.


Overall, I thought this was a well thought out theme and it was fun connecting each course to its movie counterpart. The Disney music was a great touch and this experience has left me with hope that maybe Harry Potter could be a possible theme for the future!

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