6 Favourite Festive Foods

My favourite time of year is Christmas, and this is definitely helped by the great food that comes along with a fun filled holiday!

Advent Calendar

The Christmas season has officially begun when you can open door number 1 of your advent calendar. This year as well as my regular Dairy Milk advent (my favourite chocolate), I also have a cheese advent calendar created by So Wrong It’s Nom.

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Nearly at the end! #CheeseAdventCalendar

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Having both chocolate and cheese is a fantastic combo – I have chocolate in the morning and cheese in the evening! Sam has a salted caramel advent from M&S that is extremely indulgent and to me indulgence screams Christmas!

Cadbury’s Snow Bites

Cadbury’s being my chocolate of choice means that when they create Christmas chocolate, I have to try it! Snow Bites are solid chocolate balls with a thin shell around the outside that is dusted with icing sugar. They’re simple, but very effective and perfect for sharing with friends (or eating all by yourself), whilst enjoying a Christmas movie.

Bacon Wrapped Cheese

Christmas is the one time of year when I’m more than happy to put on weight, especially when there is so much cheese going around. Cheese advent calendars, cheese boards and of course cheese wrapped in bacon.

Nibbles and party food are a huge part of my festive season. Catching up with family and friends just wouldn’t be the same without some prosecco and snacks. There’s always a great range of party foods that become available around Christmas, but bacon wrapped cheese is certainly one of my favourite festive indulgences.

Bucks Fizz

It’s not really a food, but it makes a good breakfast! Is it really Christmas Day if you don’t start with a glass of Bucks Fizz? As soon as I step downstairs in the morning, my Mum is ready to hand me a glass of fizz and we wish each other Merry Christmas. Our glass then follows us through to the living room where we pop on some Christmas TV and exchange gifts.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

This trusty stocking filler is a delicious treat that I will always associate with Christmas. Ever since I was little, I have received a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for Christmas and It’s normally gone before we sit down to eat lunch. Oops!

Christmas Dinner

The best meal of the year is Christmas lunch/dinner. Although the meat is normally the main event, my favourite part is actually all the trimmings. We sit down to the Queen’s speech and after our starter, I load up my plate with chicken, stuffing and plenty of roasted veg! My Mum cooks, but this year I’m stealing my friend, Kirsten’s Brussel sprouts recipe, with onion, bacon and chestnuts – it’s delicious!

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