Top 7 Hot Chocolates to Drink in Edinburgh

The Caffeine Drip

My favourite hot chocolate in Edinburgh comes from The Caffeine Drip in the West End and is dark chocolate and peanut butter. Sometimes hot chocolates can be too sweet, but that isn’t the case with this one.

Caffeine Drip - Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

The Caffeine Drip has a large food menu and the drinks menu is no exception, so there are a lot of hot chocolates to choose from. I can certainly say that the peanut butter one is fantastic; with plenty of peanut butter mixed throughout and a peanut butter cup added to the top for good measure. If you love chocolate and peanut butter, you will love this hot chocolate!

Mimi’s Bakehouse

Mimi’s is renowned for sweet treats and that includes hot chocolate. The Melted Mallow Hot Chocolate is filled with lots of marshmallows, which you can find in almost every sip.

I also like to pick up a hot drink from Mimi’s stand at the Christmas market. Here there are lots of different flavours of hot chocolate to choose from, including orange, candy cane and honeycomb – the candy cane is like drinking Christmas.

Marshmallow Lady

Although it’s called a hot chocolate, the main event can sometimes be the marshmallows. The Marshmallow Lady frequents a lot of markets, but there is also a shop in Canonmills, where you can sit down and enjoy a hot chocolate.

Marshmallow Lady - Vanilla & Oreo

The shop is quite small, so there aren’t many seats, but the incredible options of marshmallows make for a great hot chocolate. I chose the cookie n’ cream marshmallows, but there is also chocolate orange, millionaires’ shortbread or salted caramel swirl to name a few.

Mary’s Milk Bar

This is a hot chocolate with a difference because it’s a hot chocolate float! Mary’s Milk Bar is well known in Edinburgh for its incredible ice cream, but they also have great chocolate and the combination of both allows for an excellent drink.

Mary's Milk Bar - Hot Chocolate

There are different flavours of chocolate to choose from and lots of ice cream flavours to add to create a float – it’s a delicious afternoon treat!

Coro the Chocolate Café

Coro is a haven for all chocolate lovers – their waffles are divine! So, it’s no surprise that they do a good hot chocolate. Being a chocolate café, they have different hot chocolates on the menu and lots of variations of how you can order them. To white, milk and dark chocolate you can add marshmallows, cream, chilli, ginger, peanut butter, these are just some of the options.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I opted for the dark hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. There were plenty of toppings and the dark chocolate was a good balance for the sweet. The chocolate was very rich, which was yummy, but the regular size was enough for me to get my chocolate fix!

Hotel Chocolat

I went into Hotel Chocolat to purchase an advent calendar the Glasgow Food Geek had recommended: and of course I couldn’t leave without trying one of their hot chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat - Salted Caramel & Clementine

The salted caramel and clementine immediately caught my eye because I’m a big fan of salted caramel and chocolate orange. The combo was extremely tasty, and the hot chocolate was lovely and smooth – the perfect taste of Christmas.


Hula is a café on West Bow Street, that I associate with healthy eating because of its fresh juices and light lunches. However, despite being reasonably healthy they still manage to serve a mean hot chocolate! It arrives looking like a coffee, so not too many frills, but the foamy milk makes it luxurious to drink.

Hula - Hot Chocolate

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