6 Things to Eat at Edinburgh’s Christmas

Christmas is the happiest time of the year and food makes me very happy, so pair these things together and I’m ecstatic! Edinburgh has a brilliant Christmas market and some excellent food to go alongside it…

Wahaca Food Truck (St Andrew’s Square)

Wahaca is a Mexican food chain that opened its first Scottish restaurant in Edinburgh last year. This year, you can enjoy the delights that the restaurant has to offer whilst watching the ice-skating at St Andrew’s Square.

Wahaca - Tacos

On the menu is a selection of tacos: pork pibil, steak, chicken & avocado and poblano chilli.

The French Comte – Hot Dog Raclette (Princes Street Gardens)

Melted cheese. Need I say more?! Raclette is just as mesmerising to eat as it is to watch. It’s a cheese wheel, of which the top layer is heated up and then scraped over meat, or any food really.

Edinburgh's Christmas - Raclette

I love cheese at any time of year, but on a cold, winter’s day this hearty dish is perfect.

Chip on a Stick – Spiral Potatoes (Princes Street Gardens)

Spiral potatoes are something that I always associate with Christmas markets, as they always seem to pop up! I didn’t try my first one until Edinburgh’s Christmas, but I can see why they are so popular. They are an easy snack to grab whilst wandering round the stalls and being in a spiral means that every bit of the potato is covered in flavour.

Edinburgh's Christmas - Sour Cream & Chive Potato

Chip on a Stick have the option of piri piri, Mexican chilli, salt & vinegar or cream cheese and chive seasoning. I chose the cream cheese and chive and thoroughly enjoyed my first spiral potato!

Cheese Fondue (Princes Street Gardens)

It’s Christmas and you can never have too much cheese! Cheese fondue is the perfect way to warm up during a day at the Christmas market. You can choose from nature, garlic or mustard aged Comte cheese, all of which are delicious; I opted for the garlic, but was just as temped by the mustard – there’s always my next visit!

Edinburgh's Christmas - Fondue1

Edinburgh's Christmas - Fondue2

The fondue is served in a medium or large sourdough roll with extra bread, torn up on the side, for dipping. This dish is great for sharing or for devouring all by yourself.

Stocks Burgers (Princes Street Gardens)

Sometimes all you need at a Christmas market is a good old-fashioned hot dog. Stocks are a firm favourite of mine because they always serve up a solid hot dog or burger. They come with pickles, sauce and onions and plenty of taste!

Edinburgh's Christmas - Laughing Stock

The meat is provided locally, and they also cater for vegetarians.

Mini pancakes (Princes Street Gardens)

When I first moved to Edinburgh I worked at Edinburgh’s Christmas and these mini pancakes were how I spent my pay! They are just so light and fluffy, I couldn’t resist. The pancakes themselves are delicious, but add some Nutella and they are incredible. For the perfect mini pancakes, I add Nutella and white chocolate, which are a formidable duo, but you can also have jam, syrup or cinnamon, as well as other toppings.

Edinburgh's Christmas - Mini Pancakes

You get 6 mini pancakes in a serving and with helpings of toppings they can get quite sweet, I suggest sharing these to stop them getting sickly and to free up room to try other stalls.

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