7 Glasgow Lunches for Any Occasion


Prep Fitness Kitchen/Kcal Kitchen

Prep Fitness Kitchen specialises in fast, nutritious food, which is ideal when you need to grab something quick, but you don’t want greasy and fatty foods. My favourite thing about Prep is the menu – it’s got so many options! From poached eggs, to salads and burgers, you’re spoilt for choice here. After careful deliberation, I decided on the baked sweet potato with turkey chilli. It was a good-sized portion and very tasty. I chose from the ‘super speedy sustenance’ section and it was both super and speedy. I’ll definitely be back here because there’s lots I want to try.

Prep Fitness Kitchen - Turkey Chilli Baked Sweet Potato

My friend introduced me to Kcal Kitchen, which offers healthy food and smoothies. The menu here is also vast and has a mixture of different dishes. Instantly I was drawn to the chicken zoodle dish – chicken, spiralized courgette & carrot with beansprouts, cooked in a ginger, coriander lime and chilli sauce, topped with toasted cashews. This dish wasn’t too heavy, but it didn’t leave me feeling hungry. Most importantly it tasted great and this was down to the delicious sauce. Fakeaway Friday doesn’t sound like a bad idea when it’s from Kcal Kitchen!

KCal Kitchen


The Riverhill Coffee Bar

When I dine out by myself, I normally look for somewhere casual that I can enjoy my food whilst reading my kindle or just take in my surroundings. I spotted Riverhill Coffee Bar because of the long line of people outside and decided to give it a try. The coffee bar is mainly a takeaway location, but there are a few seats inside, with a bar style setup. Around the corner there is a bigger restaurant, if you’re looking for a more formal lunch, but for solo eaters the coffee bar is perfect. Here, you will find a selection of soup, sandwiches and cakes to quell your hunger.

Riverhill Coffee - Soup



Sam introduced me to iCafe because he had eaten a working lunch here. At first, I was sceptical because it didn’t catch my eye or feel very inviting. However, after visiting, I could work from here every day! The menu has everything from pancakes, paninis, baked potatoes, pizza, nachos to burritos, so you can mix up your order with every visit. However, the peanut chicken panini is a choice you can’t go wrong with!

iCafe has tables, booths or computers that you can make yourself comfortable at and spend the afternoon working away, whilst enjoying delicious food and lots of tea/coffee.



Kothel is one of my most enjoyed places to lunch in Glasgow. The ambience is brilliant and feels very relaxed, with outside, bar and large table dining options. The interior is lovely and homely, which instantly makes you want to order tea and cake and spend the morning catching up with friends. If you’re looking for a more substantial lunch than cake, I can’t recommend the bruschetta enough. It’s quite a large portion, so it’s a good dish to share between 2, but it’s delicious, so you may want it all to yourself!

Kothel - Bruschetta

As well as bruschetta, you can choose from salads, sandwiches and hot meals, but the cakes are a must and the hot chocolates are the perfect way to escape the cold. The service here is really friendly, which adds to the chilled-out vibe.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



I spotted Roast on the Glasgow Food Geek Instagram page and knew that I had to pay it a visit! The West End is my favourite area of Glasgow for food and drink, so when I realised that Roast was on Argyll Street, I had high hopes. There are a couple of tables here, but it gets quite busy, so takeaway would be my recommendation.

Roast is a sandwich bar, with a bit more. As well as offering the usual ham and cheese sandwich or BLT, there is an array of hot food to choose from, including pulled pork on a toasted roll, cheesesteak or burgers. I ordered from the specials menu and chose the “Wee Beastie”, this consisted of haggis, black pudding and mature cheddar all in a toastie. Roast is great for a hearty meal, especially on a cold day.


Bar Bloc

Bloc is a Basement Bar, so you wouldn’t necessarily think it would be busy at lunch, but both times I’ve visited during the week, there’s been a big crowd in. The menu consists of comfort food that is suitable for any occasion. The regular menu has pretty standard prices, but they have ‘Deal Days’, which are themed and offer a cheap option for the day. Both times, I’ve opted for the deal of the day because I think it’s great value for the size of the meal.

I haven’t been on a Friday yet, but I’m excited to try Dog Friday!


Six by Nico

This is one place that you’ve probably heard me mention before, but I’m a huge fan! Six by Nico is a West End restaurant that rotates the menu every 6 weeks; they offer a 6-course tasting menu, which is based around a theme. The restaurant opened earlier this year and started with ‘The Chippie’. It’s been my favourite menu so far, but I’ve only been to 4 out of 6 (I didn’t make it to ‘Illusion’ or ‘The Forrest’).

The Chippie2

The kitchen is open, and diners can see in, but there are also screens in case you don’t have a view of the kitchen. There are drinks and nibbles as extra menu items, which are also based around the theme. I would recommend starting with a drink and a nibble before moving on to the main menu; I would also choose the wine pairings with every course to get the full experience.


Nico is great for a romantic or group lunch for people who like to try new and exciting foods! The next theme is Disney, which will make for a magical Christmas.


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