The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh (2017 Update)

I visited The Salisbury Arms in June 2016 as part of our Food Club and had a very average experience: However, earlier this year it went through a refurbishment and Sam and I visited with a friend this autumn, where I had a much different experience.

3 of us chose The Salisbury Arms as a place for Sunday Lunch a few weeks ago. The large pub is split into different sections, so there’s plenty of seating, but we were sat next to an indoor fire-pit, which provided an intimate, warm setting. The menu didn’t seem too dissimilar from last time because there was a mixture of great sounding British options. Sam and Mike both chose the Trio of Roasts and I went for the Lobster & Devon Crab Fishcakes. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the roast on my last visit, I was very jealous when theirs was plated up. The meat was served traditionally with roasted veg, but it was the cauliflower cheese that caught my eye because I’m a big fan and it’s not always included in restaurant roast dinners. The beef, chicken and pork were also served with Bramley apple butter, crackling and stuffing wrapped in bacon on the side.

Salisbury Arms - Roast

The main thing that caught my attention on this visit was that it felt as though more care and attention had been put in to the food. When I saw the roasts, I was concerned that I had made a mistake with my order, but I was more than happy with my choice as soon as I tucked in! The fishcakes were accompanied with asparagus, pea & truffle oil velouté topped with crispy seaweed and your choice of salad or fries – I chose the latter. The cakes themselves were hearty in size and flavour, which is what I look for in a Sunday Lunch. I’m a fan of all seafood, but especially crab and lobster, however the addition of truffle and asparagus cemented my choice and I felt all the components worked well together. I would have preferred a bit more seaweed because I didn’t think there was enough to really add to the flavour of the dish.

Salisbury Arms - Fish Cakes

As much as I enjoyed my main course, it was the dessert that I would recommend everyone to dine here for. From the get go, the Melting Golden Chocolate Bomb was always going to be my dessert of choice. This chocolate delight was served with caramel ice cream, popping candy and oozings of hot Devon cream toffee sauce. Watching the bomb dissolve under the hot sauce was a delight for the eyes and every last bite was a delight for the palate.

Salisbury Arms - Chocolate Bombs

Overall, my experience at The Salisbury Arms was very positive. I felt the presentation and quality of the food was better than my last visit and the service was good, with nowhere near as long a wait as previously. I would recommend the Salisbury Arms Sunday menu for friends or family looking for a relaxed afternoon with some good British food.


Atmosphere – 4.5
Food – 4
Price – 3.5
Service – 4

Total – 16/20

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