Eating Europe Food Tours – Soho London

Being a huge fan of travel and food, I was very excited when I discovered Eating Europe Food Tours. Currently, they have tours in Rome, Florence, London, Amsterdam and Prague. The next time I was visiting London, I knew I would have to book on to the tour, so when my Mum and I booked a weekend trip, I quickly secured the Eating London Soho Tour.

The promise of an evening of tacos, wine, gin and pie had us both very excited for a fantastic evening. We met our guide and fellow foodies outside the Palace Theatre and listened to what was in store for our food filled adventure. Our first stop was a stone’s throw away, and once inside the quirky restaurant, I knew instantly I was going to have a great time on this tour.

La Bodega Negra

The first restaurant was La Bodega Negra and probably the stop I was most excited about because I’m a huge Mexican fan. The restaurant has a very cool, Soho vibe and perfect for enjoying some tacos and margaritas. As well as being a food tour, our guide shared stories of the Soho area and how it has developed over the years; it was really interesting to see how the restaurants slotted in to the history.

The London Gin Club1

The London Gin Club2

Next up was another favourite of mine – gin. At The London Gin Club we got to eat and drink gin in an intimate, basement dining room before moving on to Enrique Tomas for some meat, cheese and wine.

Pix Pintxos was an interactive stop because we got to choose a selection of pintxos ourselves, which was fun. However, there were a lot of great looking options, so it was hard to pick!

Pix Pintxos

As well as offering great tasting food, it was brilliant to get to try so many different cuisines and understand how diverse London and Soho are. Opium was our Chinatown stop and allowed us to sip cocktails from teapots and eat delicious dumplings.

Our 6th and final stop was Basement Sate, a cocktail bar, which also offers up decadent desserts, so of course we indulged in both! By this time, we were extremely full, but I always have room for chocolate and even managed to help my Mum!

Basement Sate

The tour is quite expensive, but I felt we got a substantial amount of food and drink to cover the cost and we learned a lot of interesting facts along the way. There were some stops that I preferred over others, but that’s to be expected and overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Eating London Twilight Soho Food Tour. I will certainly book on to another Eating Europe Tour and I would recommend all food lovers to do the same.

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