5 Places to Eat Mexican Food in South Florida

Tijuana Flats

Eat: Noritto Bowl

Tijuana Flats is the perfect place to get your Mexican fix fast! My personal favourite is the Burrito Bowl (known as a Norrito Bowl at Tijuana’s) and my choice of filling is usually chicken. However, they have a huge menu, so there is definitely something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed with the quesadillas or flautas.

You can find Tijuana Flats all over Florida, so you will never be stuck!


Eat: Asada Tacos

I loved everything about this place: the flavoursome food, the layout and the atmosphere were all brilliant! After careful deliberation we chose pollo, asada and chorizo tacos, with chips, guac and salsa. The chips are made from blue corn, which is traditional in southern and central Mexican food and were incredible; they were the perfect mixture of soft and crispy, whilst being lovely and warm. The tacos are also made from blue corn and are delicious – the asada tacos especially stand out in my mind.

The setting is very fitting for Miami Beach, with a beach hut that you order from and a relaxed and chilled out dining area.

I Love Tacos

Eat: Mole Enchiladas or Chicken Tinga Tostada

I Love Tacos is a name that I can relate to! They have a few different restaurants in South Florida and some are more casual than others, but all as tasty. The mole enchiladas here are delicious. Firstly, who doesn’t like enchiladas? But, topped with thick, rich sauce with a hint of chocolate they are unbelievably good!

Tostadas are another favourite of mine. ‘Tostada’ is ‘toasted’ in Spanish and explains the toasted/deep fried tortilla in the dish. The crispy corn tortilla is then topped with a mixture of fillings. The chicken tinga tostada at I Love Tacos includes chicken in a chipotle sauce, beans, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. There are a lot of flavours in the dish and the crispy tortilla adds another texture that keeps every bite interesting.

Rocco’s Tacos

Eat: Guacamole

When I think of Rocco’s the first thing that comes to mind is the big mortar full of fresh and tangy guacamole. The guac is made tableside and can be served with chips or crudités – I, obviously, would recommend the chips.

Rocco’s have a large menu, so there’s lots to choose from for lunch or dinner, but there’s always time for a margarita (they have a tequila bible!) and portion of guac at one of their Floridian locations.

Coyo Taco

Eat: Elote de Calle

Coyo Taco is in a really cool area of Miami – Wynwood. Once you’ve wandered around the fantastic murals at this outdoor art gallery, Coyo Taco is the perfect place for a spot of lunch or dinner.

As well as a great setting, there are lots of tasty options on the menu; visit with as many people as possible to try as many dishes as possible. The pollo al carbon, al pastor and carne asada tacos are good choices, but I don’t think you can go wrong here. The one thing you have to order is the elote de calle – corn on the cob, epazote, chipotle aioli and cotija. I love corn on the cob and this one was incredible!

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