Where & What to Eat in Koh Tao

4 friends exploring, eating and evaluating…


Phaenang Curry & Pad Thai

After arriving in Koh Tao after the Full Moon Party, we needed a good, hearty meal. We managed to find Lanta, which is a short walk from the main bar and restaurant area. As soon as we stepped inside it felt as though we had walked in to a friend’s kitchen. It was nice to be dining away from the busy streets because it added to the ‘at home’ ambience.


We were all starving, so it didn’t take us long to decide and order. We started with some spring rolls and prawn tempura for the table and then I ordered the phaenang curry for my main course. Despite everything being incredibly fresh, it didn’t take too long to arrive and we were soon delving into crispy vegetable spring rolls and succulent prawns. Both appetisers were served with yummy sauces and were a great start to the meal.


I loved my main course because it had enough spice to give it a good taste, but it wasn’t blowing my head off! Overall, the dinner was just what we needed and a lovely introduction to local people and their food.


Stuart – 8.5

Christine – 8.5

Kimberley – 9

Sam – 9


Fitness Kitchen

Chicken & Quinoa Salad & Peanut Butter Shake

After a morning by the pool, we decided to take a walk to find a late lunch. Not too far from our hotel was Fitness Kitchen, where we all found something on the menu we would like. Unlike the local Thai street food places, the prices here were reasonable for the UK, but expensive for Thailand. However, we settled down at a table and ordered chicken & quinoa salads and chicken & avocado wraps. Each of us also ordered shakes; I chose the peanut butter one, which was a crowd pleaser.

Fitness Kitchen1

The salads and wraps were just what we were after; a light, healthy, tasty lunch! If you’re in Koh Tao and looking for a break from Thai food or maybe a light lunch after a workout (yes, there were people running in the 30-degree heat!) then I highly recommend Fitness Kitchen for flavoursome fuel.


Stuart – 8

Christine – 8.5

Kimberley – 7.5

Sam – 8


Su Chilli

Chicken & Cashew Nut

I expected Su Chilli to be similar to Lanta, but unfortunately, I was wrong. This restaurant sits in amongst the main street and is quite big in size, but it was still packed when we arrived. There’s a much more touristy feel in Su Chilli than there was in Lanta; it didn’t have the same quaint atmosphere. However, it’s still a popular place to eat, so I was looking forward to the meal ahead.

Su Chilli1

Once settled, Christine and I ordered cocktails, while the boys got the beers in. After investigating the menu, we selected some starters to share and I chose the Koh Tao speciality, cashew chicken as my main. There’s quite a big menu here, but they also have a board showcasing their best dishes, which is where we ordered from.

Su Chilli2

All of the food was good, but it wasn’t the best we had during our trip. I’m glad I tried the cashew chicken, but it didn’t have any of the spice that I’m accustomed to receiving with Thai food. Overall though, it was still a lovely meal with friends.


Stuart – 6

Christine – 7.5

Kimberley – 6.5

Sam – 6.5


P.Oy’s Place

Massaman Curry

P.Oy's Place1

With P.Oy’s Place, we certainly saved the best until last! We met up with a couple of friends for our last night in Koh Tao and they introduced us to their favourite restaurant. We arrived at the small, family run establishment and after removing our shoes, we stepped inside to a wonderfully, warm welcome. We were made to feel instantly comfortable, as if we were in someone’s home. I only realised how homely the restaurant felt when all tables started chatting amongst each other and to P.Oy and her family. A lot of people knew one another and everyone was extremely friendly.

After receiving some recommendations, we got a selection of starters to share: chicken wings, prawn tempura and spring rolls and I ordered the massaman curry for my main. The food didn’t take long to arrive and before we knew it we were diving in to fresh spring rolls, juicy prawns and sticky chicken wings. Everything was so yummy that it was gone in minutes, but the chicken wings were a personal favourite of mine. The sauce was sweet and spicy and the chicken was lovely and crispy on the outside, whilst being succulent on the inside.

P.Oy's Place2

The massaman curry is a top dish at P.Oy’s Place; the sauce is delicious, although pretty spicy! It’s a very filling dish with chunks of potato and lots of chicken that fell effortlessly off the bone. I thoroughly enjoyed this, but I was unable to finish it because I was so full!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The food may be the heart of P.Oy’s, but the people are what make the heart beat. If you’re in Koh Tao, it would be a travesty if you couldn’t pay P.Oy and her family a visit, for the best Thai food on the island.


Stuart – 9.5

Christine – 10

Kimberley – 10

Sam – 10

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