Where & What to Eat in Hoi An

4 friends exploring, eating and evaluating…

Morning Glory

Crispy Pancake

Morning Glory1.jpg

Whilst in Vietnam, I quickly learnt that all good Vietnamese restaurants feel exceptionally welcoming and homely. Morning Glory is Miss Vy’s creation and offers family recipes for Hoi An street food. It’s pretty big inside, so there are lots of tables, but it was still incredibly busy. This meant that we were glad that we had booked a table in advance and I would recommend booking to everyone; just to be on the safe side!

Morning Glory2.jpg

I loved the menu’s here because they included Miss Vy’s story, which allowed us to understand more about the restaurant and how it came to be. We decided to start our meal with some spring rolls and then I chose a prawn curry for my main. The curry was served in a coconut and looked amazing, luckily it tasted great too. However, if I dined at Morning Glory again, I would choose what Sam had – crispy pancake. This dish was a crispy, savoury pancake filled with prawn, pork and beansprouts. This is eaten inside rice paper and dipped in delicious peanut sauce. I enjoyed both the flavour and texture of the pancakes.

The menu at Morning Glory encompasses all of Hoi An’s delights, which makes it a great place to head on your first night in town.



Stuart – 6

Christine – 8.5

Kimberley – 8

Sam – 8.5



Banh Mi

This was our second Banh Mi experience in Vietnam and once again it got mixed reviews from the group. However, I loved this Banh Mi more than the first because there was more choice of toppings. We ordered 2 between 4 at a busy counter and then found a table to sit down at.


Chicken, cheese, salad and chilli were the toppings we choose and they were excellent. The bread used was deliciously crunchy, but not too hard and the chilli gave the basic ingredients a nice kick. If you visit Phuong, bring a polaroid or passport photo to slip under the glass table top and leave your mark amongst the other visitors.


Stuart – 8.5

Christine – 4

Kimberley – 8

Sam – 6.5


Jim’s Snack Bar


Vietnamese food is incredible, but sometimes you have to mix up your cuisines. One evening in Hoi An, we decided to check out Jim’s Snack Bar. Although an Australian themed restaurant, it still had a Vietnamese feel because it was small, outdoorsy and didn’t look out of place on the streets of Hoi An.

I’m really in to blue cheese at the moment, so instantly I decided I was ordering the blue cheese burger. We all ordered a burger each and then a couple of fries to share; I highly recommend the chilli fries! Both, burgers and fries were scoffed down, as Jim personally made his way round the restaurant to ensure everyone was enjoying their meal. Jim’s Snack Bar is perfect for a casual meal with filling food.


Stuart – 8

Christine – 8.5

Kimberley – 8.5

Sam – 8.5



Wontons & Pork Claypot

For our last night in Vietnam we wanted some good, local food. We stumbled upon Bep1919 and luckily, we were happy with our choice! We ordered some local beers and then debated over the starters we would get to share. Bep1919 has a relatively large menu, but we managed to decide on some wontons, crispy prawns and rose cakes – a Hoi An specialty. The rose cakes are similar to dumplings, but it was the wontons that were my favourite starter.


For our main courses, Sam and I shared caramelized pork in a claypot and squid & vegetable skewers. Dishes in claypots were consistently good for us in Vietnam and this one was just as delicious. Eating dinner at Bep1919 is thoroughly enjoyable because it’s a lovely restaurant, which isn’t too pack and the food is great!



Stuart – 6

Christine – 9

Kimberley – 8

Sam – 8.5

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