Where & What to Eat in Singapore

3 friends exploring, eating and evaluating…

Toast Box

Kaya Toast

I fell in love with Kaya Toast on my previous visit to Singapore, so it was the first thing I ate when I arrived this time. Toast Box can be found all over the city, which makes it a great place to grab breakfast because it’s so easy to find and delivers a consistent, tasty meal. There is a range of different items to choose from including peanut butter on thick toast, ham and cheese sandwiches or even a cheesy chicken noodles! However, what I recommend you visit Toast Box for is the kaya toast.

Toast Box1

Kaya is a coconut jam and is served alongside butter on toast to make a delicious breakfast. Kaya toast can also be part of a set, with 2 soft-boiled eggs and a cup of tea or coffee. The soft-boiled eggs can be mixed with soy sauce, which you can then dip the toast in to. If you love sweet and salty foods then this is one breakfast you can’t miss out on!

Toast Box2


Stuart – 8.5

Christine – 7

Kimberley – 8


Ce La Vie


So, truth be told you don’t visit Ce La Vie for the food. This bar/restaurant is situated at the top of Marina Bay Sands, so it offers incredible views over Singapore. At Marina Bay Sands you have the option to pay to go on to the viewing deck or you can pay a deposit and dine in Ce La Vie. Personally, I would go to Ce La Vie every time because you get food and drinks as well as the view.

Ce La Vie1

Ce La Vie2

The menu has something for everyone, but the pizzas are a great way to spend your deposit, due to being good value compared to some of the items on the menu. I opted for the 4 cheese pizza and thoroughly enjoyed it. The setting is simply stunning; being able to sip a margarita while looking over Singapore was one of the highlights of my trip. The icing on the cake is taking in the same view as the famous infinity pool. Although you must be a guest to visit the pool, you can see it from Ce La Vie, which was a real treat.


Stuart – 8

Christine – 8

Kimberley – 8.5


Lau Pa Sat

Chicken Satay & Chilli Crab


Hawker centres are my favourites places to eat in Singapore; it’s where you can get the best food for a cheap price. Lau Pa Sat is a centre that I only visited on my second trip, but I loved it! It’s home to the usual selection of tasty delights, but it also has satay street. As the name suggests, satay street is a long line of different stalls selling all kinds of meat satay. We opted for the traditional chicken satay, but you could have pork, beef, prawn, as well as many others. I wish we had tried the prawns as they looked great!


After indulging in satay, we headed inside to the main area and ordered some crispy prawns and chilli crab. The prawns were delicious, and became a staple for us when moving around Asia. The chilli crab was more expensive than the other items we ate at Lau Pa Sat, but it was a huge portion. It’s served with small, sweet rolls, which we gladly used to soak up the saucy, crab goodness.

Lau Pa Sat3


Stuart – 9

Christine – 9

Kimberley – 9

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